More and more companies are beginning to see customer service as part of a product or service, and not as a cost that should be limited to minimum. The awareness that the waiting time for support currently can not be more than a few minutes meant that entrepreneurs seek tools that will allow them to instantaneous service requests. This was also the Wiedza i Praktyka case, which for many years of operation was looking for the optimal solution to streamline both customer service and sales. A key determinant when choosing a tool was ability to integration inbound and outbound channels. The search for a tool that not only handle voice, chat and mail in one interface, but also is helpful for telemarketing, led publishing house to the Unified Factory. Company which built a platform for Customer Service Automation, based on the technology of associative memory.

We know market of communication tools for almost 20 years, and during that time we tested many different systems. A long time we were wondering on what solution to use and finally we have implemented a platform from Unified Factory – says Marek Przyborowski, which dealt with the implementation on behalf of „Wiedza i Praktyka”. Ability to develop a different system configuration for multiple campaigns allows us to build them quickly and set up without additional support IT staff. It is a huge change for our team. When there is an idea for a new campaign or modifications we are not dependent on anyone and in a few minutes we can implement them – he adds.

The main argument for choosing this tool was complex automation with predefinied reports and ability to handle outbound campaigns. – It should be kept in mind that automation must support consultant in the process of customer service. Without integration with dedicated CRM „Wiedza i Praktyka” embedded in the script of Unified Factory platform, we would not be able to provide a complete history of the customer at the moment of interaction – says Maciej Okniński, CEO Unified Factory. Implementation that lasted three weeks, preceded by an iterative test, resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction of „Wiedza i Praktyka”, which led to the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement.