Mobile customer support center will be available soon

Is your laptop not charged, but you have an important e-mail to write? At a meeting and you don’t have anywhere to sit down with your laptop? Or maybe you are on vacation and a client claims they sent you important information?

With Unified Factory’s Easy application your business’s complete communication history will be available in one place. This is an excellent way to take control of customer service.

Join the best, automate sales and customer service

Call or answer a landline phone number

No additional SIM card and you don’t pay for calls to be redirected. Answer your office phone number right on your smartphone! All you need is to be logged on and have your status set to active in the Unified Factory application, and all your incoming calls will be received simply and the contact will be saved in the communication history of the customer.

The same goes for returning a call or calling customers. You pick a number from the client database or enter it manually from the numeric keypad and call the customer from the landline, as if you were in the office. It’s so simple.

Four channels in one place

Stationary telephone, e-mail, chat online, facebook messenger meaning 4-in-1. You decide which communication channels you want to make available to your clients. With the UF Easy application you can handle all the communication channels from your smartphone.

Tasks on hand

All the tasks written down to do are now always on hand in your mobile application. The same division as in a web application. The same full history of tasks, notes, and the combination of the history of communication with customers will be available. Nothing will escape you.

Android i iOS

The application is available for Android phones as well as iPhones with iOS. They were built according to the best practices of mobile application design using the idea of ​​”material desing”. Every active Unified Factory Easy client with free minutes can take advantage of the full capabilities of the application for free.

Decide how we develop the application

Currently, the app allows you to receive communications from 4 channels (chat, email, phone, messenger). It allows you to send emails from your integrated into the system emails, you can also choose numbers from your contact database or dial to any landline or mobile number. The app displays tasks, as well as a list of contacts, and a complete history of communication with your business.

What’s next? Adding tasks by the application? Contact database management? It’s up to you. Let us know what you like and what is missing from UF-Easy. We will develop it according to the suggestions given – keeping it as simple and 100% useful as possible.

Join the best, automate sales and customer service