Unified Factory PRO

Authorized system for contact centers supported by artificial intelligence

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Full control over the processes in the company and professional communication with the customer

Voice calls (incoming and outgoing), email, online chat, and facebook messenger in one tool. You won’t have to train your team to learn any more different systems. End with the costly data integration between systems. Focus on simplicity and power of possibilities.

What do you gain??

Blending channels and one system

You no longer need a separate system and team to host online, call center, e-mail service. End with arduous data linking at the external CRM level.

Intergrated Omnichannel

With Unified Factory, you can easily connect with your customers through a variety of communication channels (phone, video, chat, email or facebook messenger) in an integrated omnichannel.

Automatic Conversation Identificator

If, after the first contact, the employee adds the client to the database, the system will be able to recognize it and instead of an anonymous conversation, you will receive a name, surname or other customer information.

Automation of work supported by artificial intelligence

Freely use the associative capabilities to accelerate customer service: live bots, social media, email replies or smart FAQs.


Take full advantage of your team’s skills by instantly assigning the selected employee to multiple campaigns or selected communication channels.

Tasks for Later

Regardless of the channel your client is using, they may ask a questions that you don’t know the answer to, therefore you can generate a task for later making sure the answer gets answered soon.


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