Easy to manage network and hardware infrastructure

Our solutions are based on WiFi Aruba Networks’ professional technology,

which guarantees not only high scalability, but also maximum security.

WiFi Network:

  • Guaranteed access to wireless Internet.
  • Access to corporate or private networks.
  • Wireless network support for IP phones and IP cameras.
  • Security – data storage in accordance with legal requirements.

Telecommunication Networks

  • Secure and efficient connections between different locations (VPN).
  • Basic connections for corporate networks with multiple locations.
  • Backup connections for various locations.
  • PABX Centrale.

Internet access:

  • In any place in Poland, even when other operators cannot provide a connection.
  • MPLS network based.
  • Mobile connectivity (buses, coaches, cars, trams, etc.).

Technical network capabilities:

  • Access points distribute the signal in two frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n..
  • Bandwidth of the WiFi network available through any of the access points ranges from 300Mb/s to 1,3Gb/s (802.11.a/c technology).
  • QoS (quality of service guarantee) for services and applications, availability


The network can be expanded to include new areas and objects that should be covered by WiFi, and additional services based on WiFi:

  • Voice over WiFi (DECT) equivalent for technical support or security with full access throughout the WiFi coverage area,
  • Locators of people and property including location of people using mobile phones Voice over WiFi, internal GPS,
  • Technical equipment support (eg projectors, televisions, cameras),
  • Possibility to add more wireless cameras to the building monitoring system and the surrounding area.


  • Possibility to gather historical records of WiFi network use in accordance with the requirements of the Polish law and in case of a request from the authorities to provide access to the required information (user MAC address, session duration and time, IP addresses).
  • Breach protection for the WiFi network and devices within the network.
  • Possibility to build secure connections between locations with VPN tunnels (certified solutions).
  • WiFi data transfer security higher than in case of a typical ethernet cable network.

Marketing on the Basis of WLAN Networks:

  • Possibility to display dedicated landing page for the WiFi network including the required content.
  • Possibility to carry out questionnaires on the WiFI landing page (customer – the user, before gaining access to the network, must respond to the questions in the questionnaire).
  • Possibility to inform customers about promotions, marketing campaigns etc. through the WiFi landing page.
  • Possibility to display adverts on customers’ devices while they are using the network.

Remote Work and Remote Locations:

  • Possibility to use WifI networks and mobile access points in any location for employees to have the same user rights and access as they have in the office thanks to a safe connection to the headquarters using a secure line.
  • Mobile access points work with GSM modems wherever a cable connection is not available.

Managing Bandwidth:

  • Possibility to limit the amount of data sent and received.
  • Possibility to introduce a data transfer limit (limit bandwidth).
  • Possibility to set up different netowork parameters (duration of network access, bandwidth, amount of data transfered) for different types of users.

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