Phone calls
- take care of quality and precision!

A telephone conversation is still the most precise and reliable way of contacting the client.

Does the client report a complicated problem? You will solve it the faster and most accurately by simply talking. Thanks to Unified Factory Easy, you’ll get all the most important tools to do it precisely!

Connect in two ways:

Landline phone

The first one is a phone call. We will provide you with a telephone number with a US or UK area code, which the customer will always be able to call back and reach you at. You do not have to worry if you have or need a number in a different numbering zone.

A conversation during the chat

The second way is an online voice call during the chat. Eliminate the problem faster and more accurately by clicking one button in the chat room and connect with the customer by voice without interrupting the written conversation in the chat communicator.

Create a customer profile:

Quick identification

Add a customer profile to the base, so you’ll always know who you are talking to. Attach a phone number, e-mail address or Facebook profile to it, and with every communication from the client, you will immediately see its data and all their useful information.

Contacts history

The system automatically collects the history of communications made with the customer in their profile. Thanks to this, every time you know what the client is calling about and at what stage is its solution. Everything is in a transparent and convenient application!

Record conversations:

The automatic recording of contacts also applies to telephone calls. Each voice call – both phone and chat – is recorded and saved in the customer’s profile. Thanks to this, you have access to information about the customer’s problems and the quality of service offered by your employees at any time.

Manage connections:

Set working hours

Record a message that will be played automatically when all your employees finish work. Thanks to this, every customer will know when to call again. What’s more, each connection attempt will be saved on the customer profiles, thanks to which you will be able to contact them during working hours.

No need to wait for a connection

If the customer calls your business and the employee is just busy on another line with a different client, the system will redirect them to the next free person. Thanks to this, you will limit queues waiting for a connection and you make a good impression on customers!

Plan tasks

Not every client’s problem can be solved right away. Thanks to the task planning system, you can create a note about a given situation and assign it to the appropriate employee. This is stress-free and with great convenience!

Connect with clients:

From each device

Do you want to inform the customer about a solved problem, invoice or order sent? The telephone at Unified Factory Easy is not only a platform for receiving calls from clients, but also for making outbound connections to clients yourself. It’s easy! To start a conversation, all you have to do is click the corresponding button in the customer’s profile or the chat window. This option is available in the web browser and in the mobile application!

Control and security

By using Unified Factory Easy you have full control over the costs of calls. You decide how much you want to spend on them and settle them in the pre-paid system, so you will not be surprised by the high phone bill. What’s more, the system offers the option of blocking any number – including premium numbers, i.e. those with a higher connection cost.

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