Profile of activity


Unified Factory S.A. is the creator and global provider of sales and customer service automation solutions in 12 international markets. The basis of its technology is a Customer Service Automation platform which utilizes advanced associative memory algorithms, which automate the full customer journey, combining information in B2B, B2C and H2H relations.

Corporate Governance

The Management Board of Unified Factory S.A. implemented Corporate Governance principles resulting from Good Practices for NewConnect companies, adopted by resolution no. 293/2012 of the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw S.A. on March 31, 2010.

Below is a complete description of the range and form of particular principles adopted by Unified Factory S.A. in 2016.

Authorised consultant


The function of the authorized consultant for Unified Factory in the field of trading shares in the NewConnect market was entrusted to Noble Securities S.A. based in Warsaw.

Noble Securities S.A.
ul. Przyokopowa 33
01-208 Warsaw

KRS: 0000018651

Phone: +48 12 422 31 00