Complex Process Management

Automate and unify sales and customer service processes completely by:

resigning from document circulation, central storage and sharing of documents, you may also have joint design, task work, communication tools and employment management in one place.

Manage Tasks through WorkFlow

The WorkFlow system is ideal for group work between employees performing a defined and well-documented set of activities within a workflow or process.

The module allows you to define and monitor the roles performed by people involved in performing the task and it allows you to track states of documents or tasks in circulation or assigned previously.

The person responsible for process management can:

  • modify the process,
  • add or elimante people involved in the process,
  • change what people may be authrorized to do,
  • analyze macro process data and details (ex. average process duration, delay information, completed and ongoing case statistics)


What can it be used for?

Complaints/Returns Management – registration of complaint/return, sending automatic notifications about the status of the complaint/return, circulation of documents.

Acceptance and settlement of invoices in companies where many people are authorized to purchase and collect invoices (the possibility of introducing a system for accepting and describing invoices before posting it in an electronic circuit).

Running projects internally within an organization: the acceptance process and communication between departments: preparating documents related to project launches, acceptance of activities and budgets.

Managing customer correspondence with the company: recording, forwarding to the correct person, clarifying correspondence issues, especially for organizations whose customers still prefer traditional, paper correspondence.

Communication in operational processes related to communication between different departments in a company (predefined processes).

Systematic notification of participants about workflow events that involve them, for example, “new service call”, greatly simplifies work.

Tasks to be done later

Often, a system which deals with tasks at a later date is another system in a company. With Unified Factory from chats or messenger messagers, voice calls or email messages, you can easily create a task to solve the problem later, which you can assign to yourself or others employees on the team.

Shared Knowledge

Archives of corporate files are often chaotic, which consist of multiple departments from the company. The Unified Factory repository makes it easy to store essential information that informs staff about procedures or tells you how to describe an item or service. It also facilitates the efficient search of information or document by name, keywords contained in content, or tagged documents.

High variability of knowledge is not a problem

In some organizations, it is a challenge to constantly communicate new information to large groups of employees. Using a shared knowledge base enables you to communicate the information to your team as well as your entire organization. It is up to you to decide who you authorize to use the repository and to what length.

Personlized catalogue structure

The database tree structure can be freely modified to meet your business needs. Knowledge base documents may be collected and made available to selected employees in part or in whole, in accordance with the authorization granted to them.

Full customer data and communication history from all channels in one place

Voice, email, chat, and messenger communications are handled in one place which gives full control over the contact history, customer profile, as well as the information that the agent served the customer. Instead of four tools and difficult to integrate data – all of this is found in one place with a comfortable interface.

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