Customer Service Automation

Contact center automation leader. Programming producer using artificial intelligence for customer service and sales.

Unified Factory


Communication channels all in one place
Cloud-based system for micro, small and medium enterprises that favor knowledge of the customer and treat that as the basis for better service and greater sales
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Unified Factory


The "Customer Service Automation" system class - four channels (phone, video, chat, e-mail or facebook messenger), one system supported by artificial intelligence
The combination of multiple channels of customer service communication and an effective system in sales campaigns. Solutions to increase project efficiency and employee productivity
How does it work?
It works like this

Unified Factory


An artificial intelligence system specialized in handling textual communication with clients in any communication channel
Available as a framework for a wide range of applications where natural language support is required
How does it work?
This is how it works

What do you receive?


We support customer service and customer sales while keeping a balance between H2h and that was is digital.


Our systems operate in more than 21 countries, in multiple languages, and with multiple external platforms.


A listed company in the stock market for over 2 years, delivering our product to customers for over 8 years, and more than 20 years of industry experience.

Multiple channels

Phone, chat online, e-mail, facebook messenger- where ever your clients are, we are there with you.

Our achievements

Ekomers 2017 Best Product

Ekomers 2017 Debut of the year


Gazela Pulsu Biznesu

Computerworld Best in Cloud

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