Unified Factory EASY



Unified Factory Easy service for small businesses is ideal for companies who want to keep track of their client relationships from day one, and also those who have experienced significant growth and are now looking to introduce a simple way to be organized. The service includes up to 500 interactions per month free of charge.

Unified Factory PRO



The Unified Factory PRO Customer Service Automation Platform, combines multiple communication channels within a single system supported by Associative Memory, which generates suggested ready-to-use responses to reply to customer. Unified Factory PRO has been in use internationally since 2014, and has been successfully deployed by customers facing organizations to improve the quality of their customer service.

Single Platform

Single Platform

Integrating voice calls (in/out), email, chat and text messages in a single platform
Client Records

Client Records

Store recorded text and voice conversations in the client’s record with the option to quickly search through the stored information


Improve and streamline your customer responses through the use of automatically generated responses
Multiple channels

Multiple channels

Conversations from landline number or voice calls during text chats

Solutions for innovative companies

Increase efficiency as much as


Divide your e-mail service time by


Save on operational cost


Increase the number of transactions


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