Call history all in one place

Lack of access to call recordings and not having contact details linked to your CRM is often a problem for companies. Just like having not having contact details linked to your CRM. Unified Factory solves these issues.

Our tool allows you to track multiple calls at the same time. Additionally, you get client history, call records, and everything linked with your customer’s account within the system all gathered together in one simple tool.

Recording Calls

A recording of each call is available in the customer contact history. Records are available for all calls, chats and emails.

Live Call During a Chat

During an online chat session with the customer, either party may initiate a voice call at any time using their pc, to better discuss the issue.

Client Profile and History

The history of all conversations, whether it be through emails, chats, facebook messenger, or voice calls, will be in one place. Just like on your mobile phone, where you have your full history, Unified Factory maintains complete information about your customer, allowing you to communicate better and create a relationship with them.

Caller ID

After initial contact, when the agent adds the customer to the database, all future communications will be recognized by the system and you will see their first and last name and any other data saved. This works across for e-mail, voice calls and chat channels.

Automatic Call Forwarding

Calls are assigned among currently available agents. The system allows for calls to be responded to by the first available employee and if, that person does not answer, it automatically redirects the call to another agent. For advanced users we implement extended workflow systems connected to IVRs and call scripts.

Scheduled Tasks

If your agent cannot answer a customer’s question themselves, the agent can create a task for others in the team who can call the customer back with the information required.

Information about Opening Hours

Your business operates within specific hours? All you customer service agents are busy with other callers? The system allows you to play an announcement or offer the option to call the customer back later Your customer’s profile will include a record of their attempt to get in touch with you, so you will be able to respond when agents are available or after you return to work.

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