Chatbots-Wirtual Consultant

Chat is already money saving

Many tests have been conducted on different types of businesses indicating that the chat window forces customers to ask accurately formed questions and to report precise needs.

Your employees can gain more time by reading shorter and more specific queries. All you need to do is add artificial intelligence to the chat, which automatically sifts standard queries. It’s so simple!

Better quality at customer service departments

If 60% of the messages in your company are repetitive questions, then that many questions can be handled by artificial intelligence. Therefore 60% of queries will not be going to the agents because the bot will be the first line of service, and only if it does not understand the question or will not know how to answer, will it pass the conversation imperceptibly to the customer onto the employee at the customer service department. It’s so simple.

Understanding the natural language

Menerva, or artificial intelligence created by Unified Factory is not a template for questions and answers. By using deep learning and associative memory our system learns based on your previous messages and served clients how to best solve the topic while reading the messages from clients and analyzing them.

Bots are not just on Facebook

Chat online? LiveChat? Here you can also use artificial intelligence. Bot is a well-written program that can run in any environment. It can be displayed as a bot on Facebook Messenger, but also on your site. Take advantage of the potential dormant in the Menerva system.

Making UX Easier

In addition to understanding the natural language, you can also encode links, files, or forms in Menerva. For example, you can generate a complaint and an RMA number, and all of this can be set up from the chat window in a simple and easy to read form.

Tell us about your business’ needs, and we’ll find a solution