Smart FAQ - first contact line

Give your customers the option of self-service

Customers want to receive the information they need as quickly as possible. FAQ lists are either poor quality or difficult to search through when there are too many questions and answers.

The solution may be a smart FAQ search engine in which the customer enters a question and immediately receives a matched answer. It’s faster than e-mail, simpler than chat, and allows the customer to get the information they need whenever they need it, and without the support of the service team.

Bot that reads with comprehension

Menerva, or artificial intelligence created by Unified Factory is not a template for questions and answers. By using deep learning and associative memory our system learns based on your previous messages and served clients how to best solve the topic while reading the messages from clients and analyzing them.

Relieve the customer service department

Questions via chat or email when Smart FAQ couldn’t help? It’s simple, the system suggests to which department the customer should write to and which communication channel will be the quickest. Smart FAQ suggests contact with an agent when it itself cannot help with an answer, therefore it helps eliminate a large percentage of questions which the agents used to waste time on.

Dynamic Questions

The great value of the Menerva system is that it handles both letters, variants and synonyms. The system understands the question and promptly proposes an answer along with material useful for the client.

Attachments and Files

The answer is not limited to just text. It can be pictures or text with a movie, PDF file, or DOC file attachment, meaning everything that could be delivered via email to the client.

Tell us about your business’ needs, and we’ll find a solution