Customer Service Automation

Customer service applies to every company in the world

For the last two years, more and more companies have been implementing automation, and one of the Polish representatives of the category “Customer Service Automation” is Unified Factory S.A. with its system.

By implementing proven CSA systems, effective and proven processes are implemented in your business that improve your company as an organization. However, the most important thing in automation is gaining time on repetitive queries to spend more time on the atypical and time consuming questions. But let’s keep in mind that it’s still about keeping the H2H approach,meaning Human2Human, whenever there is a situation where you have to go through standard procedures.

Blending channels and one system

You no longer need a separate system and team to host online, call center, e-mail service. End with arduous data linking at the external CRM level. You no longer have to lose the extra information that unfortunately did not have the appropriate columns in the database.

The Unified Factory PRO system is a 4-in-1, or four-channel communication system. Voice calls (incoming and outgoing), email, online chat, and facebook messenger in one tool. You won’t have to train your team to learn any more different systems. End with the costly data integration between systems. Focus on simplicity and power of possibilities.

Menerva e-mail BOT

Author’s artificial intelligence system – Menerva will simplify your email responses. So far, we have managed to accelerate answering emails up to 100 emails per hour, instead of the 15 previously served until now.

With Menerva’s help from Unified Factory, an e-mail from the customer is analyzed and a suggested response is ready when the customer service agent received it. The agent can add something, improve it (by teaching the system), or answer the customer right away by clicking send.

Menerva chat BOT

Chat itself is a streamlined communication because it gives customers less space, making the communication more concise, more concrete. With the help of Menerva chat BOT many queries will be handled without the agent’s participation.

The Menerva system understands natural language and does not work on templates. It reacts to the context, synonyms and so-called typos. That is why many recurring questions will be resolved, and only issues that the bot will not handle will be redirected to the agent in a way that is imperceptible to the client.

Planning work and billing

UF-PRO also takes over two very important areas for the smooth running of a team: a work schedule and, on the basis of this, also the billing of a worker’s time. Without external systems, without dedicated sheets. All in one place – saving the manager’s time, so they can pay more attention to the quality of the team.

Integration with other systems

The Unified Factory PRO and Menerva artificial intelligence can be integrated into external systems. This is especially true for Menerva, the more information sources provided, the more efficient the system can handle customer service. With its presence on the market for several years now, UF-PRO integrates with many of the industry’s most popular systems.

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