The many faces and possibilities of artifial intelligence

AI, Artificial Intelligence

In the 21st century, there are many possibilities for artificial intelligence. On the one hand, it could be an autopilot system, running Tesla cars, or it could be Siri, an Apple iPhone assistant. It’s also a specialized system that helps in many areas of business, including customer service and communications.

Meet Menerva

Menerva is the fruit of Polish engineers from Unified Factory and well-known mathematical staff from higher education Universities. Together, we have created an artificial intelligence system based on associative memory algorithms, which was initially only used to improve email handling in customer service departments. Over time, however, the increase in client interest was so great that the system was expanded with new capabilities.

Associative Memory

Associative memory has the ability to reproduce all information on the basis of incomplete or similar information to the primary memory.

How does it work?

We have developed a way of allowing automatic analysis of any language structure using graphs. The solution automatically detects all direct and indirect dependencies between words and phrases, identifying recognizable and hidden sources of meanings at the data recording stage of the system.

This makes the process of learning and understanding the various meanings of NLP very fast and does not require a lot of computing resources. Menerva records the text data in its original form, retaining all potential links so you do not lose the key relationships that allow you to efficiently and effectively read all potential meanings, as in the case of neural networks.

What are the advantages of associative memory graphs?

They allow you to improve the efficiency of associative (data association) processing to a new level of performance.

Data structure based on graph engrams simplifies the statistical and symbolic analysis of data.

They allow detection of hard to find dependencies in unstructured data.

They save all potential data dependencies in their repositories, so the system automatically chooses the most suitable model without having to design another.

Give your customer the option of self-service

Automation is a standard, but customer service is not about replacing people with algorithms. The most important thing is to strengthen Human2Human(H2H) contact, even in the not so typical situations.

When customers expect answers to queries in less and less time, it is worth thinking about artificial intelligence which will take care of many of those repeated questions. Bots on livechat or social media, reading e-mails and suggests answers, FAQ search engines, smart search, are just a few examples to help you increase customer satisfaction by giving them the option of self-service. It’s worth it!

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