All the communication channels in one place


Automation, planning, and analysis of the initial contact with the customer is the key to effective service.

With the Unified Factory, you can easily connect to your customers via a variety of communication channels (phone, video, chat, email or facebook messenger) in an integrated omnichannel to keep up with your customers’ needs.

Efficient service of email, chat, and facebook messenger

Direct e-mails to relevant departments

Unified Factory automatically categorizes e-mails based on the overall content of the query. Depending on the content of the e-mail, the system transmits messages to the persons or departments responsible for the issues. Time to say goodbye to manual communication.

Speed ​​up your work with the ready-made templates

Speed ​​up the process of handling queries from clients by using ready-made response templates supported by associative memory. They will certainly help to ensure consistency and quailty of responses. Not only will you be able to handle all your e-mail or chat queries more quickly, but you’ll also be able to easily personalize your responses based on previously identified and classified messages.

Automate outgoing calls

The Predictive Dialer fully automates the process of making contact with the customer by optimizing the generation of outbound phone calls.

The system automatically filters out secretaries, faxes, wrong numbers, out-of-range numbers, and transfers only verified calls to improve the efficiency of your team. In addition, each of the calls made is recorded in the database to provide you with a complete set of reporting information.

The function does not require additional infrastructure such as dedicated telecommunications links or direct connections to ACD (PBX) systems.


Predictive Dialer capabilities:

  • Automatic “override” based on authoritative algorithms,
  • Several predictive calling modes, ranging from 1: 1, that is, attempting to set up a connection only when the consultant is free, to variants with a large number of attempts to establish a connection that is selected according to system parameters,
  • Preview mode and base verification mode,
  • Automatic evaluation of the chance of reaching the record on the basis of previous attempts,
  • Access to work statistics and online reports,
  • Record management in real time,
  • Dynamic data record structure to translate any business structure into a database,
  • Flexible scenarios for reaching the record,
  • Recognition of machines and faxes,
  • Registered audio connections in stereo.

Easy queue management for all communication channels

ACD or Automated Call Distribution causes each session to be targeted according to predefined elements.

The function dynamically adjusts the system load, and by advanced routing it sends calls to selected UC servers, while analyzing their load, making your customer service operations even more efficient.

Capabilities of queuing:

  • Queuing incoming and outgoing calls, chats, and emails,
  • Evenly distributes traffic between users logged in to the system
  • Prioritizing queues and session by type, for example, VIP, Emergency, or Call-Back queues.
  • Automatic waiting time and queue status information,
  • Virtual user functionality that allows the module to run without the need to launch a dedicated application,
  • The ability to integrate with any teleinformatic solution.

Tasks to be finished later

Regardless of the channel your client is communicating through, you will always be asked a question you do not know the answer to. You will be able to generate a task for later. With Unified Factory, you will not only be able to create a task, but you will also assign it to the right person with the knowledge or expertise of the customer and they will contact the customer at a later date.

Automatic identification of the caller

If after the first contact the employee adds the client to the database, the system will be able to recognize it and instead of an anonymous conversation, you will receive a name, surname or other information about the client. This includes both email, voice calls, and chat. In addition, it will assign a full history of the current communication from all channels. Now you will always know throught what channels the customer contacted your company, what he bought, or whether he has any business in progress.

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