Unified Factory Communications (UFC) Box module integrates customer communication across multiple channels (phone, video, text messages, chat, email, social) into an omnichannel solution. The platform has an open interface for integration with a variety of external systems (CRM, ERP, PBX, etc.).”

Contact Center Incoming Queue


We have enhanced the standard ACD queueing scheme with our own algorithm, which redirects each queued session according to previously set rules, behavioral attributes (e.g. voice analysis, chat conversation analysis), contact history, current resource availability to provide the optimum service. The system dynamically adapts workload and through an advanced routing mechanism, redirects calls to selected UC servers while analysing their load in real time.

Basic functions:

  • Queueing incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Queueing chat and e-mail conversations.
  • Balancing traffic across users who are currently logged in.
  • Prioritization of:
    – Queues and types of sessions,
    – Sessions, based on VIP or emergency status,
    – Resulting from emotions of the waiting person (voice and chat),
    – Callbacks.
  • Automatically updating customers about the estimated waiting time and their position in the queue.
  • Group queues, personal queues.
  • Virtual user function allowing for the module to operate without the need of initiating dedicated user applications.
  • Possibility to integrate with any other ICT system.

Customer Service Scripts


The module allows for graphic modelling of customer service scripts (call scripts). It includes multiple components and the option to include dedicated elements for individual clients. All actions designed within the system can be reported in real time, or used for integration. The Interface was designed to provide an easy to use presentation of business requirements to each consultant including performance and quality reporting.


Basic functions:


  • Graphic modeling of unlimited customer service scripts.
  • Easy to build start pages.
  • Text function for the script.
  • Managing results of completed scripts.
  • Extending the system using plugins.

Omnichannel Process Automation


Our innovative and simple to manage IVR solution is the basis of an efficient customer service system. Unified Factory IVR is not just a voice platform for customer service process automation, but also a multimedia system, which provides support for actions including sending and receiving email messages, text messages, chat, social communications and interactive dialogue with the user. during a voice or video call, carrying out advanced processes, not only by conversation, but also with the use of dynamic forms, which can be made available through a website or a mobile application. Customer communications takes place through several voice channels, the web or a smart page, and includes conversation with a virtual avatar. All this is combined into a single platform which makes implementation, expansion and control of the system simpler and provides a set of integrated tools for you to manage and expand your customer service capabilities.


Basic functions:


  • Ability to model customer service processes including voice calls, chat, email, text messages, with a user friendly graphic interface.
  • Option to use human speech recognition and synthesis mechanisms.
  • Support for voice activated services.
  • A built in programming language which allows for construction of advanced scenarios.
  • Integration with external solutions based on SQL, WSDL, POP3, SMTP, SOCKET standards.
  • Ability to schedule outgoing activities, e.g. email, text messages, voice calls.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Built in fax and chat server functions.
  • Integrated conference bridge.
  • Included voicemail system.”

Dialer Module


To enable customer service automation the platform is equipped with an elastic predictive dialer module, which automates the process of contacting the client by optimally generating outgoing voice calls. The function does not require any additional infrastructure, such as dedicated phone lines, direct connections to ACD (PBX) systems, and it doesn’t need lengthy implementation. The solution allows for full automation, planning and analysis of the initiated contact with customers. The system automatically filters out all connections with answering machines, faxes, wrong numbers, numbers out of range ensuring that  agents are only connected to verified connections. Each call made through the system is recorded in a database to allow reporting, and it is processed by the UF predictive mechanism, which adapts overload of the generated traffic to the quality of the database, availability of callers and the number of agents logged into the system.


Basic functions:


  • Automatic “Overcalling” based on the efficient UF algorithms.
  • Multiple methods of Predictive calling.
  • Preview mode.
  • Database verification mode.
  • Automatically estimates the chance to reach the given record based on historical attempts.
  • Online access to statistics.
  • Management and updating of records in real time.
  • Dynamic data structure adaptable to any form required by the business.
  • Flexible scenarios to reach records.
  • Ability to recognize automatic answering machines and fax machines.
  • Stereo voice recording.
  • Reporting.