Many tasks, one system - social bot

Bots in the world of Facebook are an everyday thing

They deliver messages, provide entertainment, and making shopping simpler. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, or Twitter, prepare a chatbot that will meet your customer service goals or your sales goals.

Prepare a chatbot that will meet your customer service and sales goals using Menerve – the artificial intelligence created in Poland by Unified Factory.

To sell or maybe marketing?

Do you care about engaging and promoting your product? Or maybe you’re interested in selling products through a social channel? Menerva can help in all cases. Our artificial intelligence and ready-to-use schemes allow for easy implementation solutions.

Relieve the customer service department

By deciding on a given social media channel, we have to decide if this channel is in fact the channel that customers will choose to submit complaints or product inquiries. Thanks to Menerva you will be able to automatically answer the most frequently asked questions.

Understanding the context of the answer

Menerva, the artificial intelligence created by Unified Factory, is not a template for questions and answers. Our system, uses deep learning and associative memory, and it learns from the previous messages and customers served to create the best solution to a given topic. In contrast to other systems, it can understand contextual expressions, and not by searching for keywords, which further improves the accuracy of system generated prompts.

Making communication simpler

In addition to understanding natural language, Menerva also allows you to upload various links, files or forms. Now, in the chat window you can place a form, that will allow/help the customer to generate, for example, a complaint and an RMA number. By hooking up an additional database or logistic system to Menerva, the customer will be able to check his shipping status or whether the item is in stock without the help of an employee.

Tell us about your business’ needs, and we’ll find a solution