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Meet Algorithm, Menerva

The first search engine powered by chatbot mechanisms, which can understand natural language by using associative algorithms

What is Associative Memory?

Associative memory has the ability to reproduce all information on the basis of incomplete or similar information to the primary memory.

The possibilities of associative algorithms

Menerva does well with letter mistakes, difffernt variations of words, or synonyms. The system not only understands the question but also generates an answer along with material useful for the customer.

Menerva has the ability to configure at higher levels of abstraction, referring not only to specific data or parameters, but to classes of their similarity.

Menerva can adapt to new conditions not included in the original software or configuration.

For businesses, Menerva is an end to the basics of relational databases.

Do you know that…

Finding all potential duplicates of teleaddress data in a database with 100,000 records ( 100,000 questions containing 100,000 observations) only takes a few minutes, without the need for specialized equipment.

Menerva for businesses

Able to save, search, and recognize images, such as advanced OCR tools, image search engines, and image resources.

Voice recognition capabilities, such as voice2text engines or voice search applications.

Able to support complex decision systems such as simulation of inference or cognitive processes.

Able to automatically classify text information, for example, by entering a set of 1000 email notifications along with the assigned process information, the system automatically predicts the process of handling each report and guides it to the appropriate person or to the next process step.

Menerva can be used as a bot on live chat, a social media bot, an email response bot, or a smart search- Smart FAQ. What you apply depends on your needs.

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