Payroll System tied with the Contact Center

For many managers, espcially the call/contact center industry, the end of every month is associated with tedious work on excel. The number of components that need to be drawn from different systems to finalize the payroll for employees means that instead of the payroll going out next day, the payroll goes to the cadre even a week later.

Revolution in salary calculation. The first Contact Center system with a built-in employee accounting module

The ability to configure any pay model, incentive, or commission system which depends on user activity in the system.

Full, systematic timetable.

Ability to set a rate depending on the effects of work.

The ability to set individual hourly rates for an employee.

Time management tool that counts out breaks.

Possibility of filling in the login time, ex. because of training.

Employee login status monitoring “day after day” with the ability to adjust the billing rate.

Now you can easily set the amount of remuneration depending on the models – hour, effect, value etc.

The system automatically pays salaries to every logged-in employee based on his or her activity, so you no longer need to use multiple separate reports to determine the employee’s current salary.

End your problems with paying your employees due to many different payout campaigns

The system itself ensures that salaries and bonuses are charged to each employee, irrespective of the number of campaigns assigned or the number of hours spent on them.

The system allows you to define the types of rates and to calculate the remuneration depending on:

  • hourly rate for a given campaign,
  • type of contract,
  • conversion of social security and health insurance fees,
  • the extent of the time at which the rate applies
  • an employee’s activite status.

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