Automating E-mail Communication

You can even answer 100 emails per hour

A customer service representative can handle about 15 emails per hour while still maintaining a high quality response. With the help of the Menerva system we were able to improve this result up to even 100 emails per hour. Check out how we did it!

Support customer service

Many e-mail inquiries in a business concern similar topics. Menerva, by reading the e-mails, can categorize the query and prepare for it in a matter of seconds. This gives you more time to tackle difficult, unique, or unusual questions that require more than 4 minutes of attention, which is the average time spent on an answer. Customer service will be even better with artificial intelligence.

Bots not only in chats

Menerva is an authoritative artificial intelligence system that reads emails and suggests ready-made answers based on deep learning and associative memory. The system understands natural language while learning based on archived customer responses and improves its responses which are used by agents in the customer service department.

Numerous data sources

The more data sources available to the system, the more precise information it will give. The basis is created through archived answers. By giving access to, for example, the ERP system we provide the possibility of checking current data such as billing or downloading a copy of an invoice. The more sources, the better the responses, and the more satisfied the customers will be.

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