The need for a new way, quicker than voice calls, for clients to consult with the business was evident in the rise of such products as Skype, or Gadu-Gadu. Fortunately, the market is now transforming from those tools towards online chat. But you should be careful not to turn chat into another pool of customer data, completely unrelated to other communication channels.

Unified Factory allows for quick text-based conversations in the chat window, but it also facilitates voice calls in the same window with simultaneous access to client data and history of communication.

Simple Integration

Embedding the chat window within your website takes only a moment and it is as simple as pasting ready-made fragments of code into the code of your site. What is important is that it is possible to test the chat window on a live website without making it visible to clients.



3-in-1 Widget

You give your client a choice. In the chat window they can choose if they want to e-mail you, send a chat message or make a voice call. They don’t have to look for your contact page – all these options are available right there in one place.

Make the Call Now

Sometimes it is quicker to say something than to type it up. Therefore, during each chat conversation, both the client and the employee (agent) may initiate a voice call in order to explain something better or faster. Naturally the call will be recorded.



Response Templates

How often are you asked exactly the same questions? Would you like to provide your employees with response templates to maintain a high standard of customer service? It’s simple. The employee can respond providing any requested information with the use of ready-to-use templates.

Conversation History

Each chat is recorded and a copy of each conversation can be forwarded to the client. The chat history (and voice call recordings) is also available to each employee (agent).



Caller ID

If following the first contact an employee (agent) adds the client to the database, in the future the system will recognize the client and instead of an anonymous call you will see their first and last name and other data. Same for e-mail, voice calls and chat.