Comprehensive Facebook messages handling

Many brands receive customer inquiries through Messenger, and that is where customers expect the same service as at the contact center – the quickest and best way to handle their issues.

Only in Poland, the communicator achieves nearly 40% coverage among national Internet users. Run Facebook Messenger service in your company.

Quick integration

76 seconds is more or less the time needed to authorize a connection between Unified Factory and your account, which has access to the fanpage. The procedure is the simplest possible, as you sign in with your Facebook account. It is safe, because we do not store your Facebook password. It also gives you full control – you can always undo the consent of our application.

Facebook authorization

The Messenger service has been developed in accordance with Facebook guidelines and has passed all authorization tests conducted by Facebook employees who ensure, among others, that the application does not require expression of consent to access data which it does not need.

More than one fanpage

Do you have more than one fanpage dedicated to your company? No problem! If your Facebook account is linked to an administrator on multiple fanpages, you can choose those, whose messages will be directed to Unified Factory. The remaining fanpages will remain inactive and their messages will not be sent to our system.

Select agents for the channel

Are your social media supported by an agency? No problem. The agency can continue to handle minor matters, and issues which require intervention will be handled through the system. You can also choose which agents will support Facebook.

Handling photos and files

We offer to display not only text messages but also emoticons, graphic files and other attachments. Thanks to that the correspondence with your customers and all submissions supported by photos, for example, will be complete.

Conversation history

Messenger messages can be appended to the client’s profile in the same way as other communication channels. You can get back to them just as quickly and simply as to e-mails or voice recordings.

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