Customer Service Automation- for quick and effective customer service

Automate and make the process quicker that are taking place in your business.

United Factory Easy is not just a tool to communicate with clients. It also has various solutions, thanks to which you will give your team greater comfort at work, and what comes with it- you will take care of effectivity and your service quality will sky rocket.

Join the best, automate sales and customer service

Integrated and simple system

With Unified Factory Easy you have everything in one place—four communication channels (phone, e-mail, live chat, and Facebook Messenger), client data along with communication history with the client, a disk for your stored, shared files, and reports or statistics. Instead of several different programs, all you need is one page in an internet program or a mobile application.

Service in any place

You can work with Unified Factory anywhere there is internet access. To install the system on your e-store or on your internet website, all you need to do is register and create an account, then paste the special code on your website. The system and application’s operations are intuitive, thanks to which you don’t need complicated lessons to ensure quick and accurate customer service.

Optimization and controlling quality work

The clear access to reports and statistics will allow you to control your employee’s work quality and assign various tasks, so you can be satisfied with your effectivity. Only a few clicks will result that each e-mail, telephone call, or chat conversation can be assigned to an employee as a task that should be completed at a later time.

Shared disk space

Unified Factory ensures a repository as well- a place in the system where you can save up to 50 GB of files that can be shared between employees. You can add training materials, instructions, or information concerning products that you sell. Thanks to this, you and each of your employees will always have this information on hand.

Templates for repeated questions

In the Unified Factory Easy system you can create an unlimited amount of templates for e-mails which allows you to answer repeated questions by customers within seconds. Furthermore, you can use associative memory to generate answers for new questions asked by customers.

Quick and precise communication

Unified Factory Easy doesn’t only focus on easy customer service from the client’s point of view, but it also makes outbound communication easier. It takes a few clicks on the client’s profile to call them or send an email without searching for their number or email address.

Join the best, automate sales and customer service