Activity and Effectivity of Employees

You can log on and see your team’s activity at all hours of the day

Current access to the most important design parameters is the dream of many managers. With Unified Factory PRO, monitoring your work online, reporting employee performance, or activity on your campaigns across all available communication channels (voice in / out, chat, email) are just a few clicks away.

Control the team’s design parameters, get current knowledge of how much sales a person has made, or how productive they were.

Generate database reports, directly attributed to the consultant at present.

Check how the campaign’s financial performance looks, how much did the campaign earn, job cost or margin.

Monitor your team’s activity at any time to know how much a person was up to when they signed up for the campaign and what their individual logins looked like.

The most relevant information available can be found in the graphics panel

Information about the status and call queue in the form of a linear aspect ratio graph.

Summary of the number of calls broken down into call states.

List all campaigns and projects with information on the number of users logged in to the system, queue, SLA, or record database.

Session information for incoming and outgoing traffic and record statistics.

Information about average and maximum times in each status, number and number of initiated connection attempts.

List of queued calls, number of users assigned to a given campaign, or logged in to the system.

Take full advantage of your team’s expertise with multiskilling

Instantly assign a selected employee to multiple campaigns or selected channels of communication. Easily assign skill attributes to help you split connections by competence, type of language or department, and refer them to the right person.

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