It’s more than an email!

Emailing is still the main channel of communication with clients. From sending an email with the order to returning a product, the customer service department usually sends an email contacting the other party. Unified Factory Easy makes sure that emailing is as comfortable and without problems as possible. Furthermore, UF Easy integrates your email with other communication channels.

Everything in one place

Synchronizing your email with the Unified Factory Easy system is simple and has many advantages. Thanks to the integration of phone calls, live chat and Facebook messenger in one CRM, the email conversations can be attached to a client’s profile. Thanks to this option, you will have access to all information concerning orders, questions, or returns regarding a specific client. In one place you will see all emails, chat and Facebook messenger conversations, and you can even listen to recorded phone conversations.

Take care of organization and quality

Create multiple email accounts and handle them through one system. Do you have a separate email for returns, invoices, and orders? For Unified Factory Easy that isn’t a problem. Furthermore, you can assign a specific employee to handle a specific email account. Thanks to this you will be organized and you will be able to provide quick and better customer service for each client.

An account for today’s times

An email account in the Unified Factory Easy system is a variety of additional comforts. You can create multiple signatures for your employees, ready-made templates, as well as send clients attachments. Use associative memory to automatically generate answers to questions that may have been similar in the past. When you add your email account you can still use your traditional email account, but you can also use your email account on one screen with other communication channels. This includes web browsers on your computer, as well as the a comfortable mobile application.

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