Privacy policy

§1 Introduction

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) explains the matters relating to the processing by the Unified Factory LLC User’s personal data on the Platform. Any expressions written in the capital letter in Policy will have the meaning given to them in the Terms and Conditions which User can find at

The Platform is to provide legal entities which are using the Unified Factory with the functionality of registering an entity on the Platform by giving that entity’s data, so that the personal data of individuals will not be processed via the platform. However, if personal data of a natural person are entered via the Platform or functionality of the Platform data are changed or expanded in the future in way that it becomes possible to collect natural person personal data, such data will be collected and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


§2 Legal basis for data processing

1.The legal basis for the processing of User personal data is as follows:
a) User’s consent for processing personal data,
b) contracts concluded by the User with the Operator as well as taking actions before the conclusion of the mentioned agreements at the User’s request;
2. fulfilling legally justified aims pursued by the Operator;
User’s consent for processing the personal data is voluntary, however, in the absence of consent for personal data processing not all Platform functions will be available.

§3 Purpose and scope of User data processing

1. The personal data provided by User will be processed for the purpose and scope necessary for conclusion and performance of the Account Service agreement, drawing up invoices, and if the User’s agreed – for marketing and advertising purposes and direct marketing of the Operator’s own services.
2. In order to send information and sales materials to the User, as well as information and marketing materials, the Operator will process the email address, name and surname provided by the Platform User.
3. In order to execute the Account Service Agreement, the Operator will process the personal data provided by the User in the following fields: name, surname, email address, telephone number.

§4 Provision of personal data

1.Personal data filing system of collected personal data is stored on servers providing its proper protection, which belong to the hosting companies, on the basis of agreements concluded with these companies by the Unified Factory. Full access to the data system is available only to Unified Factory employees who have been authorized to process personal data in writing.

2. The Operator reserves the right to transfer or to make available information about User to other service providers in order to improve the functionality of the Platform, including the necessary software, storage and other technology and services for the use and functioning of the Platform. This may require transferring information from User current location to Platform Servers and other authorized service providers.

4.Service providers are entitled to use the User’s personal data only to the extent necessary to provide the Services provided by the Platform. The 4. Unified Factory will provide the User with up-to-date information about the entities that process User personal information.
5. The Operator enables to make payments for individual services through the STRIPE agent. If the User makes a payment to the Operator or in order to acquire individual products or services, the Operator may transfer certain information (including information that identifies the User in person) to such agent to enable payment transactions, including but not limited to name, surname, address and information about User credit card.
6. TWILIO provides telecommunication services on the Platform.

§5 Data collected for and by the User

1. If User uses the Platform, he or she may import personal data of natural persons associated with or employed by the User into the Platform.
2. Unified Factory has no direct connection with any person other than the User and for this reason the User is obligated to make sure that he has the appropriate authorization for the Operator to collect and process such data.
3. In accordance with the rules for the use of personal data, Unified Factory may transfer the personal data of the User to companies that assist the Operator in promoting, supplying and supporting the Platform.
4. As part of services of the Unified Factory, an Operator may use and incorporate information provided and collected by the Operator into the system components.
5. The Unified Factory will retain personal data processed on behalf of User as long as it provides Services to a particular User on the basis of the agreement entered into.

§6 Entitlements

1.Users are entitled to access and correct their personal data and to obtain the following information from the Operator:
a) the purpose, scope and manner of processing personal data of Users within a given personal data filling system,
b) since when the User data is processed in a given data filling system,
c) the source from which User’s data comes,
d) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are made available.
2. In addition, at the User’s request, the Operator will supplement, update and rectify personal data, as well as suspend (temporarily or permanently) their processing or will delete them if the User’s data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate or collected in violation on the legal basis or are no longer needed to accomplish the purpose for which they were collected.
3. In addition, in the case of the User personal data processing by the Operator for direct marketing, the User is entitled to:
a) filing a written reasoned request for the cease of the processing of personal data due to a special situation,
b) lodge an objection.
4. In order to exercise the rights referred to in this paragraph, User must send to the Operator an appropriate request at

§7 Terms of personal data protection

1.The Operator has applied organizational and technical means to protect the processing of personal data relevant to the risks and categories of data covered with protection, in particular protect User personal data before they were made available to the unauthorized person or taken by an unauthorized person or processed unlawfully, change, damage or destruction.

2. Processing User personal data is authorized only by people authorized by the Operator, trained in the protection of personal data and obliged to keep the User’s personal data secret.

§8 Cookies

1.Operator declares that the Platform uses “cookies” (cookies).
2. Cookies are information that is sent by the Platform server and are kept in record on the User’s device (for example, on computer’s hard disk or phone). More information on cookies can be found at

3. The data obtained through the cookies does not allow to identify the User and third parties, but allows the Operator to determine whether the computer was used by User to visit the Platform (which is not unambiguous who visited the Platform) and what preferences User had at that time (what interested him most in the Platform).
4. An operator uses internal cookies to:
a) ensure proper functioning of the Platform,
b) statistical purposes,
c) adapt the Platform to the User’s preferences.
5. The Operator may place both permanent and temporary files on the User’s and third parties’ devices.
6. Temporary files are usually deleted when the browser is closed, but for non-permanent files, closing the browser does not delete them.
7. Temporary files are used to identify the User as logged in.
8. Permanent files are files that provide specific functions not only in the course of a given session, but throughout their storage on the computer. Permanent files are used to: collect information about how to use the Platform, including data about User and third parties visits on the subpages and possible errors, checking the effectiveness of the Platform’s ads, Platform’s enhancements by recording bugs, testing various Platform stylistics variants, memorize User and third parties settings for their preferences, showing Users that they are logged into the Platform.
9. The Platform uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies on User and third party device to generate statistics about traffic on the Platform and how User uses the Platform.
10. At any time, the User may remove the cookies left by the Platform from his device in accordance with the manufacturer’s web browser instructions.
11. There is also possibility of blocking access of cookies to your device through appropriate browser configuration, however, then the Platform may not function properly.
12. The Operator uses a server that saves automatically to the server’s logs to analyze information about the device that User uses to connect with Platform, ie the type of device and browser used by the User, the IP of the User’s computer, date and time of entrance, text description of event, event qualification.
13. Access to log files is restricted to persons authorized to administer the computer system.
14. Log files can be used to compile statistics on the traffic assessment on the Platform and errors occurring that prevent identifying the User.
15. The operator will use for statistical purposes the following analytical/statistical data: number, frequency and effectiveness in a way to prevent the identification of the User and will be entitled to publish the statistics, in particular during conferences, industry meetings and in the trade press.

§9 Privacy Policy changes

1. The policy may change, which UF will inform in advance. If User wants to stop using the Services then he or she will be able to do so within 14 days of receiving the Policy change notice. Continuing to use our Services after a change of Policy will mean that User agrees to the change.
2. In the event of resignation from the Services, the provisions in the Terms and Conditions will apply.
3. The policy comes into force on 02.10.2017.

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