Stay in touch using any device

With Unified Factory you can select the number in the system and easily make an outbound call. If the customer has a question, the Agent can confirm from their profile, their preferred method of communication, and just click on the number and place the call.

Voice calls are charged on a pre-paid basis and you can block premium numbers. Additionally all calls can be recorded, and their history is logged in customer profiles.

Cost Reports

In order to call using the landline number all you have to do is top up the account. You decide whether you want to spend 200 PLN or 1000 PLN. All depends on the needs of your company. You simply pay per minute.

Cost Control

You can block Premium Rate or International numbers to provide enhanced cost control over your outbound calling charges. Agents can call any numbers which are not blocked.

Live Voice Call During a Chat

During a web chat session with a customer, the agent can initiate an outbound voice call direct from their computer. This does not require the chat session to be interrupted, and can be used, for example, to allow the customer to describe their problem in more detail.

Inbound Number

An inbound number which the customer can use to contact you. This can be a single or group DID, or multiple numbers in different area codes, and it can also be associated with existing numbers with the system as required.

Call Recording

A record of each call can be found in contact history. Records are available both for landline calls and for internet calls.

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