In recent years, Polish companies are becoming bold when entering the international arena. Apart from European markets, they are eager to reach another continents. This time, Unified Factory’ management board signed a letter of intent inaugurating the process of entering the US and Canadian market with technology classified as Customer Service Automation.

Currently, more than 90% of entrepreneurs wanting to stand out from the competition offer their users a multi-channel communication. By using Customer Service Automation tools companies have ability to build an efficient dialogue with customers, but also create a positive shopping experience.

Unified Factory and the Partner company plan to meet this need by implementing tools for sales and customer service automation which are based on algorithms associative memory. Ongoing negotiations will lead to the joint development and implementation of sales strategy, facilitating entrepreneurs with access to tools developed by Unified Factory. Its Business Partner and companies working with him will initially reach about a thousand customers.

Depending on the needs, customers will be able to implement the tool in three models: SaaS, White Label and integration with e-commerce channels using technology that automates online sales services. “Due to the utility of the negotiations, until the agreement conclusion, name of the Partner will not be disclosed” – Maciej Okniński, CEO Unified Factory, explains. Everything will become clear within 6 months, because companies declared to make an effort to close the deal.

Unified Factory is a manufacturer and global supplier of technology that automates sales and customer service with solutions classified as Customer Service Automation and associative memory algorithms. In 2015, the company reached 2.4 million net profit. From March 21, 2016 the company’s shares are listed on the NewConnect.