Another edition of the world’s largest information and communications technology expo CeBIT 2015 has come to an end. The partner country for the undertaking this year was China. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during the festive opening in Hanover, had underlined how important was, is, and will be the cooperation with China in the economic model 4.0.

The head of the German government pointed to the necessity of informing investors and entrepreneurs about economic conditions that follow, so that each of them would be ready for globalization of the information and communications technology market. President of the Association of IT Sector Firms Bitcom Dieter Kempf put up a brave challenge: „Who does not set the switch toward the future will soon disappear from the market”.

From us – in your hands- bright fresh photo report directly from Hanover!

Was it worth it?

We knew and took under consideration the scale (last year over 3 thousand exhibitors had presented technology novelties and applications) and also the prestige – nonetheless, the event made a really huge impression on us! Attendance – as each year – super, about 3300 exhibitors from 70 countries, presented their “technological children” in 18 halls, including a strong Polish representation numbering 75 exhibitors and also many visiting Poles. Yes, it was an exhaustive, but also exciting, long excursion.

For the first time, our firm appeared at such a prestigious and popular event. Together with our Technology Partner – Synway company from China (, we enjoyed the warm reception.

Such an event is impossible to describe in less than 250 words 🙂 The statement NEW TECHNOLOGIES probably represents best the character of the event – we will find everything there, from advanced equipment to services unknown to the wider public. The main team this year was digitalization and creation of networks joining various type of equipment, or technologies described as M2M or Internet of Things. Unified Factory inscribes perfectly into the topic of digitalization and concentrates on electronic solutions that make it easier to communicate and manage projects; therefore we had a lot to talk about with the visitors. Not insignificant is the fact that Synway invited us to CeBIT and together we decided that it was a great idea for the Chinese modern solutions to be joined with the Polish innovative approach. We can say, with complete conviction, that besides interesting business perspectives with Synway, we were able to become even better acquainted with our Chinese Partners and they turned out to be open persons with a sense of humor; such associates in conquering the world are the best 🙂

As is well known, the budget of a starting organization is „not made of rubber”, therefore we also attracted the attention of the passers-by with Polish red-and-yellow apples, the taste of which all appreciated.