Until recently, not much was said about automation. Well, we did hear a bit, would come across it, although infrequently. Thus, through the years, automation timidly encroached on the outskirts of town; sometimes, we even kindly nodded in its direction, slightly apprehensive of being invited for a joint stroll. It isn’t quite comfortable though to stroll with a stranger. Woe to those – I will bravely say – who had not till now let themselves be invited into acquaintance. Now, automation is not a possibility; from day to day ever more strongly it is becoming a necessity! Have you become, Ladies and Gentlemen, acquainted sufficiently well? Seriously, let us confront facts. According to studies by Gartner Research, not long from now because in 2020, clients will be contacting providers on their own, without human contact (even 85%!). At present, automation is a standard, present in innovative firms and it certainly is an essential element in market advantage. Each entrepreneur, who at least slightly pays attention to trends and competition, knows that automation has grown till the present year by even one half (source: Sirius Decisions). By 50%! In this process one sees the coveted optimization of marketing strategy in which we minimize costs and time, but increase effectiveness of our activities, also in the client’s eyes. It would be hugely unwise to scorn automation in view of such data. Automation is important for two reasons. First of all, it significantly increases service comfort. Clients today actually expect most issues to be finalized without the element of personnel support. It is estimated, in keeping with the studies by Gartner cited already today, that 65% of client service tasks will not require human support (by 2017). On the other hand, automation also brings the entrepreneur expected growth. Growth occurs in work efficiency as well as profits, at least in view of savings on operational activities. Doesn’t this sound tempting? So, it remains for me just at the end to ask directly: Is it worthwhile to invite automation into one’s establishment, if along with it could come revenue growth for the enterprise along with increase of Clients’ contentment and satisfaction? You need not respond right away; I leave you with this thought, for a while.