writes that Unified Factory SA is strengthening its position on the Czech market and about its successive implementations! We invite you to read the article in which a short word on the development strategy is added by Chairman Maciej Okniński, and our expert, Unified Factory Country Manager in Prague, Sławomir Laskowski, tells about the Czech market. Unified Factory strengthens its position in the Czech Republic, has gained a global client Unified Factory announces the strengthening of its position in countries where the implementations had been accomplished in 2015, especially on the Czech, German, and Iranian markets, Chairman Maciej Okniński has informed. The Company is performing successive implementations on the Czech market where the client will be one of the largest firms engaged in granting consumer loans. “Foreign expansion is a pillar of the strategy for our development. Our own solutions for automation of client service based on associative memory attract interest in many countries. This year we intend to enter more markets and also strengthen our position in countries in which we had accomplished implementations in 2015. We are especially interested in the German, Czech, and Iranian markets.” – said Okniński, cited in the communiqué. Total turnover of the company’s new client for the past year amounted to 380 mln Euro (increase by 19% year on year). This company operates on several European markets and is also present in several Asian countries. “Customer Service Automation is a unique worldwide solution which evokes huge interest of Czech firms interested in increase of effectiveness in client service due to automation. Owing to last year’s implementations, Unified Factory has gained its mark on this market, which opens possibilities for attracting large clients. The newest implementations will be executed for one of the Czech leaders in the consumer loans sector. The global reach of this firm’s operations opens the chance for taking our technology also to new European markets and the Asian markets, however at this stage I would not prejudge which exactly – we will know more in a few weeks” – stated the Unified Factory Country Manager in Prague Sławomir Laskowski, cited in the communiqué. In the Czech Republic, the company intends to promote its solutions under its own brand. This is the reason for the decision to establish in Prague the first foreign branch of Unified Factory. “At its head will stand the Country Manager Sławomir Laskowski, who has known this market for over 15 years, a person with huge experience in running firms and branches of such firms as Atento or mBank on the Czech and Slovak markets” – we read further. Unified Factory is a producer and global supplier of technology automating sales and client service based on Customer Service Automation class solutions and algorithms of associative memory. In 2015, it achieved 2.4 mln net profits. Since March, the Company’s shares are listed on the NewConnect market.