Companies operating in the US market, regardless if we visit the small café or use service of the network giant accustomed its customers to an extremely high level of service. They wouldn’t have made it, if they didn’t invest in advanced systems that automate sales and customer service.

Each of us knows platform for easy booking of unique places that works in 191 countries. If not service points located in dozens of places around the world, the team who responds quickly to messages, and system which simplify consistent communication, the popularity of the platform did not increase so fast.

We could find a lot of examples of companies in the US market that strive to improve the quality of service through the constant search for optimal solutions for their business. And today Unified Factory joins portfolio of tools that help entrepreneurs automate areas of sales and customer service. It is solution classified as Customer Service Automation platform based on algorithms of associative memory.

The investment agreement is the final of a 3-month negotiation process that started from signing a letter of intent in May 2016. Maciej Okniński, CEO Unified Factory explains that achieving a success in such demanding markets requires additional costs. Project will be spread into stages to reduce potential risks and to get the maximum efficiency of operations.

Therefore, the work schedule has been set, and the first step will be development and implementation of sales strategies, that give entrepreneurs access to Unified Factory tools.

The name of the American partner has not been disclosed at this stage. However, we can reveal that Partner has 15 years of experience in offering IT solutions, also in the Saas model, and extensive contacts in the communications industry, which favorably affect the overall cooperation. Maciej Okniński adds – The signing of an investment agreement with a partner operating for years on these markets is another proof that our system is a global solution.

The cost of implementation of the agreement, including investment costs related to the adjustment of sales channels and customization of Customer Service Automation platform for the US market, was estimated at 1 million USD.