Quick access to a data is essential, because customers require complex information as soon as possible. Unified Factory decided to meet these requirements and develop their Customer Service Automation platform using knowledge and experience of the research units of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities. Unified Factory is a manufacturer and global supplier of technology that automates sales and customer service with associative memory algorithms. To keep platform friendly for users it requires continuous research and development of associative memory, which is a huge challenge.

What is associative memory? Associative memory is a system which records information in special way. New information is saved not only in one place, but it creates a “memory trace” localized virtually in entire database, which allows searching and matching information on the basis of their fragments or similar elements.

Science in the service of business Established association in educational, scientific and research area is an excellent example of cooperation between science and business, which enable use of the University’ potential when conducting R&D projects aimed at improving technological solutions in the field of automation. Our cooperation with Unified Factory will include not only sharing knowledge and experience – says Professor Zbigniew Karczmarzyk, Vice-Rector for Development of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities. It will also help adapting learning programs with requirements with the job market, giving students opportunity to hold internships and student practices in a rapidly growing company with global reach – claims Professor Karczmarzyk. Signing the letter of intent is the beginning of a long-term cooperation, throught which from July 2016 students and Unified Factory developers will improve technological projects and R&D in the field of automation and associative memory.