Live chat - a breath of modernity
in customer service

Customer service develops with the development of technology. It becomes more accurate, more convenient and, above all, faster – and that’s what customers want in the Internet age. A perfect example of such a technological novelty is one of four communication channels supported by the Unified Factory Easy system, i.e. live chat.

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The real impact on the company’s income

Although this phenomenon is quite new in customer service, it has become a favorite form of consumer contact with the company that supports it. As many as 63% of buyers say that they are more willing to return to websites offering live chat services than those that do not have this form of communication. Sales data in online stores are even more impressive. In 2016, as many as 77% of customers stated that they would not buy on websites without a live chat.

Fast and stress free

What makes this form of communication so important?

First of all, simplicity in use and speed of dealing with problems. According to statistics, most problems can be solved by live chat in 42 seconds. As a result, the customer quickly gains satisfaction and the employee can help more people in a relatively short time. This advantage was indicated by as many as 79% of respondents as the main reason for using live chat rooms. Another advantage is the lack of having to wait for a connection with a consultant – this advantage was indicated by 42% of clients.

Comfort for the customer and employee

As you can see, a well-used chat on the website may prove to be the key to optimal customer service and, consequently, a significant increase in the company’s turnover. That’s why live chat is such an important part of Unified Factory Easy. Thanks to the easy-to-use application, you and your employees will be able to quickly and conveniently serve customers through this communication channel. What’s more, at any time you will be able to check the history of conversations with a given customer and assign a suitable guardian to it.

Conversations on the chat with just one click!

Of course – we are aware that not all problems can be solved by writing a live chat. Therefore, in Unified Factory Easy it is combined with other communication channels. Imagine a situation in which the client needs to specify the problem more precisely or the employee needs more details to make his help more effective. Thanks to Unified Factory Easy, just one click in the live chat room allows the customer to connect with an employee, without looking for a phone number and hoping that they will be connected with the right consultant. Unified Factory Easy integrates communication through live chat, Facebook Messenger, e-mail and phone in one application, which is why it is even more effective than regular chat. Comfortable, fast and pleasant!

Satisfaction without sacrifices

The introduction of live chat Unified Factory Easy does not involve rebuilding the website, long implementations or troublesome training. All you need is a quick and easy configuration to run this channel on your website. Convince yourself and join the ranks of modern companies that care about the satisfaction of their clients and employees!

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Join the best, automate sales and customer service