The contact center market in the Latin America region is worth USD 9.6 billion, it is growing at 7.0% annually, and the number of employees oscillates around 820,000. The five largest companies in the region represent as much as 41.1% of the market and although the contact center industry in Latin America is dynamically developing, it still needs innovative support – said Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Research Director in the Frost & Sullivan report. Service centers place great emphasis on improving the experience of serviced customers, but on the other hand they strive for a significant reduction of costs, which is why Unified Factory solutions have a huge chance of success on the next market.


Today, the customer decides which communication channel he uses to contact a company. Therefore, in order to provide comprehensive services, contact centers are looking for better tools that will not only enable efficient multi-channel communication, but also integrate data obtained from these interactions. The Frost & Sullivan research center clearly indicates that this is quite a challenge for many service centers in Latin America. The Customer Service Automation platform from Unified Factory is an excellent solution.

At the end of December, the company acquired a new partner from Guatemala – Prague Web Studio, which will deal with the distribution of solutions offered by Unified Factory in three Latin American countries: Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

Praga Web Studio is a company with over 10 years of experience and has a wide portfolio of business clients in the area of ​​customer service and sales support. Our experience so far shows unequivocally that acquiring a local partner who perfectly knows the specificity of the local market and has an extensive network of contacts gives real opportunities for rapid development of the business, and thus acquiring customers. This model works well for us, among others in the Philippines – comments Maciej Okniński, CEO of Unified Factory.

We see great potential in the solutions that Unified Factory offers in the area of ​​automation and customer service – comments Manuel Escobar, a representative of Praga Web Studio. The Latin American market of contact center services and our U.S. clients are looking for innovative solutions in the field of communication. We see the advantage of these solutions not only in the integration of many communication channels, but above all in the tools of understanding natural text and artificial intelligence, which we will be able to apply to the systems offered to our clients – adds Escobar.

Acquiring a partner from Guatemala enabled Unified Factory to access, after Romania and Philippines, another world center of outsourcing services, this time Spanish-speaking, which provides a natural base for the implementation of projects also from the American market.