In March, the company announced its first joint activities with Zapier. Today, it is adding new features to the UF Easy application, which make the automation of customer service interaction easier than ever before.

UF Easy by Unified Factory is an application which integrates e-mail communication, chats, Facebook Messenger and voice calls in one place. It allows you to quickly check what has been discussed with the customer earlier or what is the status of their request, as it provides insight into the full history of communication with the customers. Unified Factory has joined forces with the American Zapier to expand the application’s possibilities.

Zapier is a system of automation, which allows easy transfer of data between different Internet services without API specialist’s help. It provides access to over 1,000 complementary business applications from all over the world. Among them, there are 33 applications that support customer service, including UF Easy. The system’s biggest advantage is the ability to determine fixed actions which will be taken when the so-called “trigger”, which is an element that automatically starts the dependency chain, appears in our application or other integrated application. Unified Factory has presented 3 elements of this kind, which are activated whenever a new contact or new user appears or a new task is created.


We all know that everyone has their favourite tools, task systems or CRMs at work. The more of them, the bigger the problem with synchronization of knowledge between them – says Marcin Woźniak, Unified Factory Key Account Manager. Of course, we can double our work and update everything manually, but what’s the point, when you only need to define the most common actions and use Zapier, so that the indicated elements are performed automatically – Woźniak adds.


Zapier – another reason to use Unified Factory Easy application


Currently, UF Easy users can transfer information about new contacts completely automatically between Unified Factory and selected tools, such as Slack, GetResponse, Gmail, Salesforce, Feshmail, Hubspot and favourite shop platforms without wasting time at work.

In order to facilitate work in small and medium companies, Unified Factory has also implemented an option of task and job information sharing. Each task created in an external CRM, such as Trello or Wrike, can be automatically transferred to UF Easy. What’s more, if you plan every activity and use the Google calendar, each event you create, or to which you are invited, will automatically assign you a task in the UF Easy application. Notifications in communicators such as Slack are a cherry on top. Depending on your needs, integrations allow you to set up a notification to be sent whenever a new customer, contact, or task appears in Unified Factory.


More information about the possibilities provided by the integration of Unified factory Easy and Zapier are available on our blog.