Several minutes to read an e-mail, check whether a contact is in our CRM database, to possibly add a note or a contact to CRM, or maybe even to an e-mailing base. The more tools we use in everyday work, the harder it is to synchronise them with each other. Of course, it is possible to add things manually, but this is no longer necessary because you may use fast integrations of Zapier available in Unified Factory Easy!


Zapier is a perfect tool for automation of monotonous operations, as it allows to easily transfer data between platforms without assistance of API expert. Integration of UF Easy and Zapier allows you to quickly connect with thousand complementary business applications and optimise the flow of tasks, contacts or new users between your favourite applications.


Agile CRM, Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, BaseCRM, and many more…


It is hard to imagine functioning of a company without any CRM. A tool that allows you to control sales processes and makes managing relationship with clients no longer a challenge. Zapier allows you to choose your favourite CRM and the manner of data transfer between them and UF Easy platform. Integrations transfer information from CRM to UF Easy or vice versa, i.e. from Unified Factory application to your CRM. Both options provide current information, but most importantly – they facilitate the work flow without the need to use separate services.

However, it may automate more than just operations with CRM systems. Learn about 10 integrations with e-mail marketing, task or Google calendar platforms, which will save your time.


  1. New tasks from CRM are automatically sent to UF Easy


Agile CRM is one of the platforms that support clients and contact managements, as well as automates marketing. As in case of every CRM, tasks are a very important sales process management element here. Therefore, instead of repeating the same operations and manually transfer all tasks from CRM system to Unified Factory Easy, you may simply use Zapier integration, which allows to easily and quickly connect your Agile CRM account with Unified Factory Easy account. Every time you create a new task in Agile CRM, the integration will immediately transfer this task to Unified Factory Easy, allowing you to spend your time on more creative work.

You may synchronise contacts in a similar way.


  1. New contacts from CRM synchronised with UF Easy

HubSpot is another example of CRM that allows to build relations with clients. However, to make them positive, it is a good idea to integrate contacts between applications we work on. Many companies do it manually by adding contacts one by one to every tool. This, however, takes a lot of time.


Today, manual adding contacts from CRM system to Unified Factory Easy is a history. Zapier does it for us. Every time you create a contact in Hubspot, it is automatically added to contacts in Unified Factory Easy application, thus allowing you to spend your time on more important tasks.


  1. Every new UF Easy user is automatically added to Samanage

To make work faster and more efficient, you should also consider adding automation to processes of creating new users. When a new employee joins our team, we have to create accounts in many applications and systems used by the company for him or her. This is where Samanage kicks in – a cloud-based service and a resource management platform, which provides our employees with a single go-to place for all services.


Using the features of Zapier, we initially created an integration which automatically creates a new Samanage user when you add a new user to Unified Factory Easy, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. To finish an integration, remember to send an activation e-mail in Samanage in Setup/Users tab again after creating a new user 😉


  1. A new contact from UF Easy changes into an e-mail subscriber

The possibilities provided by integration with Zapier may also be used when creating new client profiles in Unified Factory Easy. After creating a new contact, we may want to send a newsletter to a client from time to time. However, manual adding each e-mail address to the subscription list requires additional work, which may be easily forgotten in everyday rush.


By using Zapier’s features, each time we save data of a new client in Unified Factory Easy, the selected data are automatically added to our e-mailing system. All you have to do is to specify the list to which a given contact should be added. This scheme often uses integrations with tools such as: Mailchimp, Freshmail or GetResponse.

Integrations may also be used in the opposite direction.


  1. An e-mail sender is changed into a contact profile in UF Easy

Gmail is one of the best e-mail services provider. It allows to control our mails with nested conversations, tags, and search function supported by Google, which allows to search any message.


When using Zapier, every time you receive an e-mail to Gmail box, the sender of the message and his or her data are automatically transferred to Unified Factory tool. Zapier checks whether a sender exists in Unified Factory Easy as a contact, to prevent duplication of contacts. If it does not exist – it automatically creates a new contact. No more tedious, manual adding of each new contact. Due to integration, all contacts are available in a single place, without any effort. E-mail is not the only Google service present in Zapier’s integrations.


  1. Google calendar events automatically create new tasks in UF Easy

The Google calendar is a tool that not only allows you to efficiently organise your schedule, but also provides you with a function to invite colleagues and friends to meetings and events. If you use both the online calendar and Unified Factory Easy to manage your tasks, each new task should theoretically be added twice – to both systems. In practice, Zapier perfectly solves the problem of duplication of tasks by automatically adding new events from the Google Calendar to Unified Factory Easy.


  1. Tasks from Trello are synchronised with tasks in UF Easy

Trello is one of the project management tools that facilitate team cooperation. Virtual boards allow you to organise everything you need to efficiently implement your projects. If you use Trello to manage tasks, but also want to access them via Unified Factory Easy, transferring them manually from one application to another may be tiresome.


Instead of multiplying monotonous operations by copying and pasting tasks, you may use a simple automation. Simply use an integration that will add new sheets from Trello to Unified Factory Easy as tasks, allowing you to focus on more important matters.


  1. A task from Wrike is saved in tasks from UF Easy application

Wrike is another example of a platform for collaboration and project management, which helps to organise projects, tasks, plans, and discussions. It helps to synchronise the team efforts and control the development of works in real-time. If you use Unified Factory Easy and want to have all tasks in one place, this integration will automatically add all new tasks created on Wrike account to Unified Factory Easy account, releasing your resources to allow you to use them for more creative tasks. When creating a task in Wrike, you must click “Add to My Work” icon and set the task date to successfully export it.


  1. Notifications about creation of a new contact automatically sent to communicators

To facilitate internal communication in teams, many companies use tools such as HipChat or Slack. It allows to keep data in a single place, regardless of where we are. They offer not only fast messages, but also allow to share documents and easily search knowledge in modern teams. Why not direct information about new contacts in Unified Factory also to such tools then?


For example, in Slack, you just need to create a relevant channel and assign people to receive notifications to it. When a new contact is added in Unified Factory, you automatically receive a notification in a selected Slack channel. The process works the same when we save a new contact sent from another application connected with Unified Factory.


  1. Synchronisation of contacts from shop platforms

Shopify is a tool that facilitates launching an on-line store, including all elements necessary to support a client: reception of credit card payments, warehouse management, and product shipment.


Each time someone purchases a product in your on-line store, you may enter such a person as a contact to Unified Factory Easy. You may do it manually or use an integration which automatically copies all new consumers from Shopify and adds them (if they do not exist there yet) to Unified Factory Easy. Now you may have all contacts and consumers in a single place, without any effort.


Create your own automation process by connecting many applications

Integration with Zapier also allows to create more advanced processes. For example, when a client subscribes for a newsletter sent via an e-mailing system, it is added to Unified Factory database as a new contact. However, he or she does not have to be logged into the system, because he or she will receive a notification on a relevant Slack channel.


Another example is a situation when you receive an e-mail to Gmail inbox. A new contact is saved in Unified Factory system. A notification is sent to a relevant Slack channel. If you want to send a mailing to such a contact, it will also be added to a selected list of subscribers via integration with Mailchimp. It’s as simple as that!



Unified Factory Easy is an application which integrates e-mail communication, chats, Facebook Messenger, and voice calls in a single place. It allows you to quickly check your previous conversations with a client or a status of his or her reports by providing you with an access to the entire communication history.


Zapier is a tool for automation which allows to easily transfer data between platforms without assistance of API expert. By integrating Unified Factory Easy and Zapier, you will be able to quickly connect with hundreds of complementary business applications, allowing you to smoothly transfer information about new contacts, tasks or users between Unified Factory application and selected tools such as Slack, GetResponse, Gmail, Salesforce or favourite shop platforms, without wasting additional work time.