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Unified Factory Easy is a complex approach to customer service

UF Easy is one tool which helps you take care of your customers through whatever communication channel they choose. Manage the team and its tasks, build a knowledge base, and save your time as well as your client’s time.

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The UF Easy platform is a combination of new technologies and good practices gathered over 10 years of work through developing some of the best customer service systems for our partners. We work with companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, so now is the time for you!

Manage customer service

Get access to full customer history

Create customer profiles and keep conversation history relevant to clients in one place.

Use the online knowledge database

Collect attachments sent during conversations with your customers and you can also collect your own information thanks to the “Files” bookmark.

Control costs on a regular basis

Regular basis cost reports will always keep your hand on the pulse of connections made by your employees.


Prepare answer templates for frequently asked questions to help solve customer problems from any device even faster.

Identify the customer

With Caller ID and conversation history, you can focus on solving the problem without wasting time finding your already-started tasks.

Record conversations

All voice calls are recorded and archived, so you can return to them at any time.

Assign the selected communication channel to the appropriate employee or co-operating company. Each of them can create tasks in the course of contacting the client so as not to forget the problems that need to be solved. Voice calls are also recorded to be able to return to them at any time. It’s so simple!

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