Good Customer Service is key to efficient e-commerce

Can’t keep up with the amount of e-mails?
Does your fanpage experience more and more activity?
Are you getting more phone calls regularly?

Congratulations! Your e-commerce has probably joined the group of growing companies. It’s time to prepare customer service so that everyone – you and your customers – will be satisfied. All you need is one convenient tool – Unified Factory Easy.

Join the best, automate sales and customer service

Take care of your clients

Acquiring a new user to an online store is difficult and several times more expensive than selling to a regular customer. That is why, the proper service of each person who will go to our store is crucial for the revenue growth and the profitability of the venture.

An undecided, potential customer must quickly get rid of doubts about the product or service being purchased before deciding to buy or change the store. In turn, the person who has already made the purchase – and above all the one who had a problem with it – often makes his return to the store dependent on the quality of service

According to the research of the American company Oracle poor quality of customer service can reduce the company’s revenue by up to 20%! Yes, it’s up to 200,000PLN from every million! As many as 71% of users are ready to change the service provider to a competitive one if it is poorly served *. What’s more, almost 9 out of 10 respondents share their opinion about poor service with friends and family **.

** Research by the Gallup Institute
*** Accenture report

Comfortable and fast service

The mentioned problems do not have to threaten you or your business, if you take customer service into your own hands! Take care of the comfort and efficiency of your Service Office so that customers return to you with pleasure and the opinion about your company stands out from others. It does not require complicated activities!

Effective communication allows real reimbursement of marketing costs incurred to acquire new users – as much as 66 percent. Customers that experienced good contact with the brand are more likely to continue shopping with the same seller! ***

*** Dimensional Research Report

Unified Factory Easy is an extremely easy to use system that combines four basic communication channels – using one application, you can handle chat, Facebook Messenger, e-mail, and phone calls. No more distributed and inefficient communication and multiple inefficient programs on each employee’s computer.

With Unified Factory Easy can be used through a web browser on your computer, or also a convenient application for smartphones with Android or iOS. You will do this without unnecessary and time-consuming implementations and putting your Customer Service Office out of mind. A few clicks and communication with the client will become a real pleasure!

Many possibilities, intuitive learning

However, that’s not all! Thanks to Unified Factory Easy, you can check the course of archived conversations (including telephone conversations!), present your regular customers with the history of contacts made between you and your company, and assign the most difficult and most important clients to your best employees. There are many possibilities. And all equally easy to learn. Try it for yourself!

Join the best, automate sales and customer service