Complex Customer Relationship Management for customer service

CRM is a tool that gathers information in one place to manage customer relationships. It can support customer service, sales process management, or project management, which is why it’s important to match the right type of CRM to your business.

The CRM in Unified Factory EASY focuses on simplicity. You do not need to finish your doctorate to understand how UF Easy works. You do not need thousands of dollars to make the tool “reach its full potential”. Are you tired of scattering data throught many different tools? Do you want to comprehensively serve your customers and have data in one place? UF Easy is the solution you are looking for!

Join the best, automate sales and customer service

CRM- intuitive just like a smartphone

In a smartphone, you just need to create a contact profile so that the entire call history is assigned to it. With Unified Factory Easy it’s the same! All you need to do is specify a number or phone numbers, add email addresses, assign chat rooms to your conversation … and subsequent interactions will be added automatically!

Automatic Communication History


All you have to do is create a profile of a given customer once and the whole history of communication connected with it will be created in a fully automatic way. It does not matter if the customer wrote an e-mail and later contacted your company by phone. All contact attempts, established interactions, and even recordings of conversations will be quickly found in his profile.

Promised Tasks


With the help of UF Easy, you no longer need to have a separate, dedicated task system. Setting the date, priority, and – most importantly – assigning the task to the client takes place within one system. Now you can quickly check not only your tracks, but also those assigned to a given customer. End of searching in external systems. Bet on UF Easy!

Easier Quality Control


It’s easy to take care of quality when you run your business in person. Along with other employees, however, the information provided needs to come with more care. UF Easy in a simple and intuitive way allows you not only to have insight into the overall communication, but also easily control the quality of responses and conversations. Everything in one place.

Everything in One Place


Instead of many systems for chat, e-mail, social media, telephones, VoIP or CRMs, UF Easy is now available. A tool that not only improves communication with clients, but also staples all acquired data in CRM. Take advantage of the simplest solution that is ideal for comprehensive customer service.

Mobile service center vs. CRM

Unified Factory Easy is more than just a CRM. It is a mobile customer service center that enables you to provide comprehensive customer service, wherever you are. Are you going to a meeting with a client and an important matter comes up? The end of worrying about how to log in to several systems. Now you can have everything in UF Easy.

Receive calls from a landline number, generic or personal e-mails, accept huts from a page or facebook, view tasks. All this is convenient and fast to handle with the mobile application. Currently available on Android, and in a moment will also be available on Apple iOS.

Join the best and automate sales and customer service.