Serve your clients efficiently

Effective contact with clients can be a big challenge. Many communication channels, contact spread out over time, dynamically changing order statues – you can lose your head.

Fortunately, there is a simple tool that efficiently organizes and supports customer service in every business model – Unified Factory Easy.

Join the best, automate sales and customer service

It all takes a few clicks!

Although it can be used in a computer browser, Unified Factory Easy’s simplicity is tied with the best smartphone applications. It just takes a few clicks to plan tasks for the service office, check the history of contact with the customer and interact with them. No more dissipating your activities on several platforms. You will receive all these functions in one application! It’s easy and pleasant – you and your employees will not have to undergo long, unnecessary training and implementation stages. In addition, you do not need to install anything on your computer!

Communication in many ways

Unified Factory Easy also takes care of quick and convenient contact with the customer. The application combines four communication channels – chat, Facebook Messenger, e-mail and telephone. Thanks to that, you can talk to every client without any problems! What’s more, you can check the entire history of interaction with a given person at any time, thanks to which you will respond faster to his problems and make him come back to you with greater pleasure!

Not only in the office

You can do all of these activities in the office or outside of it. Receive phones calls, send emails, support chat and Facebook Messenger via your smartphone, wherever you are. Fast, convenient and most importantly – a fully functional application is available for phones with Android system. Soon it will also appear on Apple iOS.

Automatic communication history


All you need to do is create a specific customer profile, and the entire history of contacts with it will be created fully, automatically. The customer wrote an e-mail and later contacted your company again by phone? Excellently! All contact attempts, interactions and even recordings of conversations can be found in his profile.

Assign and complete tasks


Unified factory Easy is easy to use and can be used as a replacement of multiple applications- in this you can assign tasks to different employees. Setting the date, priority, assigning classes or employees to clients – all of this can be done in one application. Your employees will quickly check the list of their tasks and you will have full control over their status for each client. Comfortable and pleasant!

Quality is the basis


It’s easy to take responsibility for the quality of service when you take care of it yourself. However, when the number of employees responsible for contact with the customer increases, the tools enabling coordination and control of their work become useful. Unified Factory Easy in an intuitive program which allows you to have an insight into the overall communication, but also in every detail – from the recording of chat conversations to the recording of telephone calls. Everything is in one place through our application!

Join the best, automate sales and customer service