How to get more customers is a question that affects more than one restaurant owner. For example, after entering the search engine of a Thai restaurant in New York, we receive almost 2 million results. According to, the estimated value of the catering market in the US is almost $340 billion dollars. The same report also provides us with information that over 25% of the total number of consumers use the online ordering option, where there is a lack of interest from the restaurant staff. Add to this the fact that 37% of consumers are looking for information about the selected premises through the internet. In this situation, marketing of a gastronomic establishment cannot be limited to presenting the menu.
So how do you convince a potential customer that he has to choose your restaurant? Popular SEO strategies, thanks to which we are to be placed as high as possible on the search results list, will increase the number of visits to the site. Despite the costs incurred, only visits on your website are not enough. So what else can we do?
For help turn to Live chat – chat for customer service.

What is the chat for?

It is a kind of communicator that allows you to talk live with a client while navigating through the restaurant’s website. How to get closer to the customer during a short online conversation?

1. Be alert and open
Live chat can be freely configured, for example to start after about 20-30 seconds, when a person starts to get lost on the site. However, nothing prevents the advisor from controlling the client’s behavior and initiating the conversation at the right moment. Many restaurants offer a dish of the day, a day’s promotion, a seasonal menu or happy hours. For the client, a great way to get to know the current offer will be to use the chat. In addition, the chat gives you the opportunity to collect information about visits on the website, including the archives of conversations, so that the next time the adviser will know how to direct the conversation with a given customer and what to suggest for the customer to make a purchase.

2. Respond quickly and be professional
You should answer within a dozen seconds this makes the customer feel important and if the offer suits him, he will probably use it. What’s more, thanks to the chat, you will not be anonymous because your photo and name will be visible to the interlocutor. This will reduce the distance between you and build trust and a good, solid relationship. Nice and personalized answers will build trust and evoke positive emotions related to your brand. It should be ensured that the client does not feel overwhelmed by our presence. Nothing affects good contact, like direct and hearty conversation, even through a virtual chat.

3. Lead the client step by step and build relationships
Once the customer has obtained the necessary information, he will gladly place the order online or make a reservation. We can do it through the communicator. If there is a special site for this, we refer you direct them to it by sending a link. An efficiently serviced and directed customer is a satisfied customer who will come back to us in the future.

Is that all? Think long-term!

We will achieve this effect thanks to the skillful use of customer service chat. Thanks to this, you will gain a system ensuring customer care, CRM (customer relationship management). It consists of, among others, the aforementioned data collection, and their proper use results in a fruitful management of relations with contractors. All this strategy can increase sales by up to 25%, which means a significant increase in company profits. Do not worry about investing in software, because IT companies offer them for smaller companies in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. You use a secure application in your web browser and you do not have to worry about anything! It’s all in the amount of a small monthly subscription.

Sales increase guaranteed?

With the proper use of all these tools – it will be guaranteed! If you combine the necessary CRM with live chat thanks to SaaS facilitations, and the relationship with customers, as well as the sheer number of clients, this will eventually be more and more satisfying for your company.