Today, the customer decides what channels he uses to contact your company. Once he calls with an urgent matter, another time he will write an e-mail or message via Facebook Messenger. From the client’s point of view, the channel does not matter. It’s different from the company’s point of view. In small companies, every communication channel was often handled by a dedicated tool, which resulted in customer data being in many different applications and requiring troublesome synchronizations. With Unified Factory Easy, it’s no problem!

Unified Factory Easy is an application that integrates email communication, chat rooms, Facebook Messenger and voice calls in one place. Thanks to our application you can quickly check what was discussed with the client or what is the status of his application, because you have access to the full history of communication with this client. However, do you know that the Unified Factory Easy application will gain even more power when you integrate it with other tools you use for your daily work?

Zapier is the ideal automation tool that allows you to easily transfer data between platforms without the help of an API expert. Thanks to the integration of Unified Factory Easy and Zapier, you can connect with hundreds of complementary business applications within a few moments. You can now smoothly provide information about new contacts between Unified Factory and selected tools such as Slack, GetResponse, Gmail, Salesforce or favorite store platforms without losing extra hours. But it is not everything. In a moment, thanks to Zapier “zaps” you will also be able to share information about tasks.


What can the integration of Unified Factory Easy and Zapier be used for?

  • Synchronization of contacts between Unified Factory Easy and mailing systems
  • Adding and verifying contacts on email lists
  • Synchronize contacts between CRM systems and Unified Factory Easy
  • Synchronize contacts between storefronts and the Unified Factory Easy tool
  • Send notifications about creating a new contact on Slack


Get to know a few of our favorite integrations and see what flow you can create using them.


From the mailing system to Unified Factory Easy …

Email marketing tools allow you to easily manage specific customer groups and create dedicated mailing campaigns. Thanks to the integration of Unified Factory and Zapier every time a customer uses the subscription form for the newsletter, white paper or contact form, his data will go directly to the Unified Factory Easy tool.

Important: Zapy automatically compares e-mail addresses in the database, checks if the contact already exists and if necessary does not allow duplicates to be created.

One of the most popular “zaps”, thanks to which the mailing system creates a new contact is the integration of GetResponse and Unified Factory.



An interesting integration is also between Gmail and Unified Factory. Every time you receive a message in your e-mail, the sender of the message and its data are automatically transferred to the Unified Factory tool. In this case, “zaps” also compare the contents of the database to prevent the duplication of contacts.



… from Unified Factory Easy to the mailing system

The possibilities of integration with zapier can also be used when we create a profile in the Unified Factory Easy system during customer service. When we save the data of the new client, automatically selected data can go to the mailing system. All you have to do is specify which list to add to. Isn’t it simple?

In this scheme, integration with Mailchimp or Freshmail tools is very often used.



Team communication

To improve communication within the team many companies use tools like HipChat or Slack. They allow you to have data in one place, no matter where you are. They offer not only instant messages, but also enable sharing documents and easy knowledge search among modern teams. So why not send information about newly created contacts at Unified Factory to such tools as well?

For example, on Slack, all you have to do is create the right channel and assign people to it to receive notifications. When a new contact is added in the Unified Factory system, you automatically receive a notification on the selected channel. The process also works the same when you save a new contact that came from another application connected to Unified Factory Easy.



CRM headache: Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, BaseCRM and much more …

Many companies cannot imagine functioning without a CRM, a platform that allows smooth management of the sales process and project implementations. As the sales process relies heavily on communication with customers, it is very important to combine CRM with the tools you use to serve customers. And here Zapier’s integrations can also help.

All you need to do is select your favorite CRM and the way in which data is transferred between Unified Factory. We have two options here. Either we pass information from the CRM to Unified Factory or from Unified Factory to the CRM. Both ways will allow you to enjoy full information about your contacts, regardless of the tool.



Create your own process by combining several zaps

Integration with Zapier makes it possible to create more advanced processes. For example, when a customer subscribes to a newsletter sent via a mailing system, a new contact is added to the database at Unified Factory. However, he does not have to be logged into the system, as he will be notified of this fact on the appropriate Slack channel.

Another example is when you get an email to your Gmail inbox. The new contact is saved in the Unified Factory system. A notification comes out on the selected Slack channel. If you would like to send an email to such a contact, then via “zaps” from Mailchimp the contact will also be added to the selected list of subscribers. It’s so simple!


From the next article you will learn how to create a “zap” yourself.