Each entrepreneur depends on two important issues – that his company develops dynamically and – most importantly – that his clients are satisfied. That’s why customer service is one of the key aspects of any business, regardless of its size or business profile.

A client who can count on help, a quick response or an efficient solution to the problem feels that the company depends on it, will be happy to come back to it, and also he will want to recommend the business’ services to his friends and family.


Take care of a good impression from the beginning to the end

The purchase is not the only thing that matters, but the overall impression that your business leaves. Has the shipment arrived on time and was it in line with the order? Or maybe it was damaged on the way, but the buyer quickly and easily received another order? Has the consultant or employee demonstrated full professionalism, was he cultivated and patient?

According to the portal 6kroków.pl, only 5% of clients file a complaint *. However, not because so few people are dissatisfied with the purchase or service, but because they do not know how to do it and who to turn to! Unfortunately, only half of those who submit comments after the purchase are satisfied with the method of solving it – these are really crushing statistics.

That is why the after sales service, which most entrepreneurs forget about, is such an important aspect in the customer relationship. The most important thing is to show the customer that you can count on it – even in crisis situations. This leaves a good impression, which will quickly turn into a good opinion, which – naturally – will attract new customers.

Be available 24.7

Social media significantly shortened the path on the customer-company line. Instead of waiting in the queue for a helpline or sending a complaint by mail, simply find a company on Facebook or write an email. If the contact path itself has been shortened, it is natural that customers also expect a faster response from the company.

The more we are available to the customer in real time, the better. There are hard numbers behind it – the conversion rate among Internet users visiting online stores, who received immediate support during the visit, amounts to as much as 28.4%! ** Therefore, an increasingly frequent solution used on most websites of producers or shops is live chat.

It gives the opportunity to establish a dialogue with the client at the very beginning of his interaction with our company. We can carry it through the entire sales path, advise at every step or dispel his doubts. Chat on the website undoubtedly affects the excellent image of the company – we let potential customers know that we care about their comfort and that we approach customer service professionally.

Be an expert

To respond to the needs of your customers, first you need to get to know them. Depending on the industry in which your company operates – hotel, cosmetics or advertising services – your audience will vary. You must be an expert in your field and employ people with the highest qualifications. The client, entrusting trust and money to your company, expects the best service and full professionalism.

According to Accenture *** research, it is the professionalism and training of employees that attracts the most attention, right next to the company’s care for contact with the client. If the consumer does not feel that he is dealing with experts on the other side, he is not afraid to change the service provider. Such a decision is made annually by up to 68% of clients – it is really a lot. Can you afford to lose them?

Know your market

The shop offering equipment for farmers will communicate differently, in other words the bookstore with the latest titles of world literature. Social media should be used by a tourist office, and other companies that offer HR services. Therefore, in addition to listening to their clients and responding to their needs – it is worth observing the competition. Follow their publications on social media, read their newsletters.

Watch their website exactly – is it intuitive, what colors do they communicate with? Pay attention to the way of communication and the most effective posts. Of course, do not copy their work – get inspired only by the knowledge you have already acquired, and avoid mistakes that have already met your competition.

If you know your target group well, you will also know where to look for your clients or where they will find you.

According to research ****, a nice and competent employee is one of the most important factors affecting the satisfaction of online store customers. Equally important are: high quality of offered products and high quality of customer service. From this data it is clear what the people buying on the Internet care about. Despite making purchases online, customers like to feel like they are in a physical store or salon. To know that there is a live person on the other side of the monitor and will deal with it with the same care as it would in the real world.

Knowing where your clients are and meeting their expectations, you show that you know them well. This definitely helps build trust in the brand.

Listen and find your clients

What can be changed, what to improve, and what to look for? The most valuable feedback can be obtained from the most interested people. That’s why you should put a short form on the site or ask for an opinion in an email. Keeping in mind a constant dialogue with the client, treating him as a partner and having ordinary human empathy, we can create a unique relationship that brings long-term benefits to the company’s image and profits.

It is also good to know each client’s contact with your business – did he shop earlier in our store or use our services when he contacted us the last time, or did he previously report a problem? Of course, your employees do not have to learn it by heart – this will definitely help the CRM system, which is essential for efficient and comprehensive service. A good system allows for quick filtering of the database, verification of contacts, checking the history of calls or orders. In a word, thanks to it in one place will be collected all the necessary information about the customer.


An efficient CRM is really the basic tool for the work, which not only facilitates customer service, but also helps in effective team management. There are many systems on the market – it’s important to choose one that meets all the needs of your company.

So what is the most important thing about customer service? How to handle it well to earn more? Of course, the entrepreneur must demonstrate great knowledge in his industry, knowledge of competition and the latest trends. However, despite the progressive technology, the availability of 24/7 customer service and the latest marketing tools, nothing can replace human empathy.

If the client feels that he has a partner on the other side, a person whom he can trust and who will make every effort to make the transaction successful, then we will gain his trust, gratitude and good reputation. And this, in the long-term, will strengthen our relationships with clients and will make more and more people more willing to use our services.


***eng: https://newsroom.accenture.com/subjects/strategy/us-switching-economy-up-29-percent-since-2010-as-companies-struggle-to-keep-up-with-the-nonstop-customer-finds-accenture.htm
****Unified Factory