Fashion for a healthy lifestyle continues. Not only is the number of fitness club clients increasing, but also more and more people are choosing dietetic services. A balanced diet should be first, before training, but arranging it for the average person is black magic. Where do people look for dieticians? Where everything else is found, in other words, on the web. The multitude of websites offering online collaborations can cause a person to get dizzy. The option of contacting via the Internet is definitely more convenient than office visits, and prices are usually much better. That’s why so many people are choosing an online specialist. What to do to stand out from the competition? Of course, apart from the relevant qualifications, the attractiveness of our website and the quality of services provided by us will be important. Most often, cooperation takes place via e-mail. However, this is not the most convenient way – first of all, the response time is relatively long and it is easy to mislead individual data or messages. The solution is simple – start using the Messenger!

Chat is the communication of the 21st century

Chat is an application that allows you to communicate via text messages in real time. An excellent alternative to unpopular phone calls or outdated e-mails. According to Deloitte, 35% of the US population in the first place checks their chats in the morning, while the mailbox is only checked by 22%. This trend is deepening. A large amount of society uses chats with the help of different messengers which they are accustomed to and have no objection to using such communication.
Customers in this industry are rather young people, for whom the telephone conversation is problematic and it is the quick written contact through chat tools that is the most encouraging for them. They can write a message at any time and count on a quick response, which in the case of a phone call would be impossible, because after a certain time no one will pick up the handset anymore. Mail from the customer can also be unnoticed even for several hours after being sent.
The speed of your response plays a big role in terms of the satisfaction of your customers and may affect their decision to continue working with your company . According to the CMO council, the time of response to a message has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. Therefore, the chat type tool is an option well suited to contemporary needs and realities.

Why do you need a chat?

Being a dietitian is more than just a one-time contact. Preparing and delivering a menu to the customer is just one of many elements. Along the way, there are other issues: first you need to know the patient’s health, ask him to perform individual tests, learn about the person’s lifestyle, dietary preferences, etc. During the process you need to control the client’s well-being and be ready for his questions and doubts. As an entrepreneur, you are faced with the question: what communication method will best communicate with the patient? Consider why the answer will sound: Try chat.
We have already talked about the speed of reaction. It’s the key here. The next argument in favor of the communicator will be to instill confidence in the client. Using a more accessible form of contact, we reduce unnecessary stress, we talk like friends, without the harsh and artificial polite phrases that characterize e-mails. The effect? We make ourselves known as ordinary people and build, from the very beginning, a good relationship based on the immediacy and simplicity of the conversation.
When a potential customer sends a message to your company, a quick response can decide if he will become your actual customer. If in the meantime you get a response from your competition, you can lose it irretrievably. That is why time is so important. With chat applications, you can also serve several people at once, which will increase your efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, Return Path research shows that one out of every five e-mails sent does not reach the recipient. Can you afford such a risk?

Combine the chat activity with other channels

A messenger window popping up on your website increases the likelihood of contact. An automatic welcome message encouraging a conversation makes it easier for the customer to decide whether to send a message. Later, persuading him to your services remains in your hands – it depends not only on the attractiveness of the offer, but also on your approach. It is the feelings of a person after the first conversation that can be the key to success.

If you run your fanpage on social media, it’s necessary to connect it to the communicator. Efficient and reliable information is the basis. The brand must be primarily customer-friendly and meet their needs. And there is nothing better than making contact easier.

Chat type messengers also have the option of collecting customer data. The entire conversation history is also available, so there is no problem that you do not know who and what you are talking about and what was the subject of the conversation previously. With hundreds of customers, you cannot remember everything about each of them. In this industry, each person must be treated individually, which is why it is so important to get to know each other, be up to date and provide professional care with standards no lower and no different than visits to stationary outpatient clinics.

Chat is the future

Using online dietetics is an excellent alternative for busy people. They can contact a specialist at the time of their choice, and they do not have to travel anywhere and waste time, for example in traffic jams. Customers of all ages prefer this option – we will also reach a wide range of customers with the offer. We will also avoid overlooking the patient’s message, which we cannot afford. The percentage of read messages in chat messengers is as much as 80-90%, while e-mails are only 23%. If we try a little and provide customers with comfort in contact with our company, we will gain an advantage over the competition, not only now but also in the future.