Readers of already know, but we also invite our followers to see the article in which there is a bit about associative memory, subscription system, communication automation, client service with simultaneous increase of quality and scope of services, so simply about US. Do take a look! Unified Factory: Associative memory and subscription system improve profit margins. Unified Factory – preparing for the debut on the New Connect market – awaits increase of profitability this year due to application of the associative memory algorithm and introduction of the subscription system in the SaaS model – Chairman Maciej Okniński informed. “Associative memory makes possible communication automation in many channels and its unification. Our studies confirm that its application significantly raises the quality of client service and expands the scope of services; with the same employment costs or their reduction. In the case of small and medium firms, the product creates the possibility of providing services on a global scale, especially in the subscription system, available in the SaaS model, and we are working on this intensively” – said Okniński, cited in the communiqué. According to prognoses, Unified Factory had announced in 2015 attainment of 30 mln PLN income and 2.5 mln PLN profit. The Company will publish on 15 February a report on results for the IV quarter. Unified Factory is the owner of a Customer Service Automation multi-modular platform using an associative memory algorithm. “The Company has ended research work on wider use of this algorithm in three areas: automation of e-mail communication, semantic analysis of text data, and machine self-learning. The studies show that application of associative memory in automation of, among others, conducting correspondence with clients may improve its efficiency even by 80%. Associative memory functions analogically to human memory, imitating the process of collecting knowledge by the human brain, however it exceeds it in efficiency and has the skill to draw conclusions on its own” – we read in the communiqué. The Company evaluates very highly the market potential of solutions it is proposing. According to its own studies conducted among 500 Polish enterprises, 68% of them see potential in the solutions connected with automation of processes for their own firm – was underlined in the information. “58% of queried enterprises are aware that automation of processes may significantly impact improvement of financial results, increasing revenue by 20%, and operational profit at least by 15%. It also follows from the studies that until now 32% of Polish enterprises use solutions automating client services (among German enterprises this percentage was a bit higher at 41%). These conclusions coincide with studies by well known research firms (Frost&Sullivan), according to which in the nearest years at least 60% of firms will automate interactions with clients, and about 50% of them will fully integrate communication channels” – we read further on. Unified Factory is a producer and global supplier of and client services, available on the Customer Service Automation platform. The Company functions at present on 7 world markets. Plans for 2016 include entry with an offer onto 11 more foreign markets (including Spain, France, Great Britain, and Scandinavian countries).