A modern entrepreneur has to face many challenges. Many of them concern the IT environment in which his company must work. Ensuring that computer hardware and software functions at the right level may require a lot of work. Especially when we do not have an unlimited budget and we need to carefully control expenses. Fortunately, the developing technology comes with help. This time in the form of the SaaS model.

A novelty with a long history

SaaS, or Software as a Service has gained popularity in recent years, but it is not a new invention at all. An excellent example of the first services based on this model are mailboxes that have been used since the late 1970s and 1980s. Although we write and receive emails on our own computers, all the software needed to transfer and store them is on external servers. To support them, all you need is a standard internet browser.
Mailboxes are, of course, the simplest, though undoubtedly one of the most useful applications of the model. So what are other examples like? Their search should start with getting acquainted with the definition of SaaS. It is primarily a software distribution model in which the recipient pays for specific functions of a specific application. The whole is made available to him via the Internet, therefore it is not necessary to install and run special programs on his computer. The software is stored and shared from the popular cloud.

Finance in your hands

Nowadays, the SaaS model distributes: virtual disks, accounting systems, office tool packages (eg Office 365), analytical systems, CRM and customer relationship management. As you can see, almost all areas of the modern company’s activity can be covered. Is it worth to move away from traditional software in that case?

Of course, using the software as a service means that it is not a one-off expense at the time of purchase. The vast majority of these types of programs is regularly paid through a fixed subscription. Usually, however, the monthly fee is a fraction of the one-off cost of analogical software distributed in a traditional model. In addition, when we do not want to use all available functions – the fees are proportionally lower than the full version of the software. At any time, you can also opt out of services, stop paying a subscription and you are not responsible for any consequences. It guarantees financial security – which is so important – especially in small and medium-sized companies. However, this is not all the benefits of using Saas software instead of regular programs.

A solution for everyone

The most important of them is the extraordinary availability and affordability. You do not need any special hardware or software to use the SaaS app. Even the most advanced of them work without any problem on older computers, because all computing power is focused on external servers. You do not need to invest in expensive advanced infrastructure or spend any human resources on it. In addition, usually to start the operation of such an application is sufficient by a few simple steps – registration, launch in a web browser and possible quick configuration. No need for installation, time-consuming implementations and training. Usually, from the moment of registration to work on a given software takes a few minutes.

The above advantage applies not only to the company using the SaaS services, but also to its customers. When a company uses a customer relationship management application, they also do not need to install any additional software. It uses its part of the application only using a web browser. Thanks to this communication becomes much easier and does not discourage users from using the company’s services. It is easy to imagine what would happen if contacting the customer service of an online store required installing and running a dedicated program …

Safety first

SaaS data is stored in a secure cloud, so users can use it anywhere with internet access. Most of this type of application can also be served through smartphones, so that employees are not forced to constantly sit at desks and the company can operate at full capacity even at non-standard hours.

Another important advantage is the fact that this type of software works on any operating system. You do not have to worry about producing special applications dedicated to particular systems or types of equipment. SaaS providers ensure data security regardless of the hardware configuration, so you do not need to employ people with specialized knowledge.

The final argument for using Software as a Service is continuous development of this type of application. By paying a regular subscription, we are sure that the suppliers care about their product all the time. They still adapt it to safety requirements, develop functions and add new ones – usually meeting the needs of users. These, in turn, do not have to worry about regular updates – this part is also on the part of the supplier.

Future technology

Everything points to the fact that the SaaS model will be more and more present not only in the life of companies, but also private individuals. After all, almost every network user uses virtual disks and mailboxes. The creators of computer games are also increasingly looking at a similar model. Soon, launching the latest, most technically advanced titles in this industry can be possible even on very old computers. We can therefore speak about a very favorable revolution!