If you think adding new components to your shop on the Shopgold platform is laborious and long-lasting, then you will have a nice surprise.

Check how you can easily add a Unified Factory Easy communicator in 4 easy steps: 

  1. To embed the Unified Factory communicator on a site that is built on Shopgold, log in to the administration panel.
  2. Then select the “Integrations” and “Integrations” tab.
  3. In the resulting view, search for the item “Code in the footer before closing” and add the previously copied Unified Factory Easy communicator code.
  4. Finally, save the changes and go to configuring the communicator settings directly in the UF Easy tool.

After finishing the configuration, change the status to “Online” and enjoy voice, chat, e-mail and Facebook Messenger communication in one Unified Factory Easy.

Do you need instructions in pdf? No problem, just click !