If you think that adding additional components to your store operating on the Prestshop platform is laborious and long-lasting, then you will have a pleasant surprise.


Check how you can add Unified Factory Easy communicator in just a few steps:

  1. To embed the Unified Factory messenger on a page that is built on Prestashop, first go to the Mypresta.eu website and search for the “Prestashop HTML” module.
  2. Find and download the free version of Prestashop HTML box (green visualization)
  3. Log in to the administration panel and select “Preferences” from the menu, then “Main Settings”.
  4. Change the settings of “Use HTML Purifier Library” to NO and save changes.
  5. Select the Module / Modules option from the menu, then click “Add new module”.
  6. In the “Add new module” panel, click “select file” and find the previously downloaded HTMLBOX.ZIP module.
  7. Open the file and click the “Submit module” button.
  8. From the “module list” panel, select HTMLBOX and click Install.
  9. After successful installation, the “configure” field will pop up.
  10. Find the element & lt; / & gt; and paste the previously copied Unified Factory Easy messenger code into the “Enter the code here” field.
  11. Now just click the “OK” button, “Save settings” and go to configure the communicator settings directly in the UF Easy tool.

After completing the configuration, change the status to “Online” and enjoy voice, chat, e-mail and Facebook Messenger communication in one Unified Factory Easy.
Do you need instructions in pdf? No problem! Click!