Ekomersy is one of the most prestigious awards in the e-commerce industry, aimed at honoring companies and services supporting online sales. On November 29, the final gala took place, during which the Ekomers statuettes were awarded for the sixth time in four main categories: Suppliers, E-shops, Agencies and Personality of the Year.

In 18 categories of the competition organized by the Polak 2.0 Foundation, a record number of over 250 brands entered, which contributes to the dynamic development of e-commerce in Poland. In the first round, over 23 thousand Internet users gave their votes to the nominees. Only 122 companies with the highest support in their categories got to the second, final round of the competition, which were then evaluated by a 20-member jury composed of industry experts such as Konrad Latkowski, Michał Kortez, Justyna Dziegieć and Michał Skurowski.

Unified Factory solutions charmed the evaluation team in two categories. For the first time in the Product / Service category supporting customer service, the UF Pro system was recognized – a tool that leads in the category of “Customer Service Automation” by combining 4 communication channels: voice (incoming / outgoing), chat, e-mail, and Facebook messenger in one.

“We are pleased to hear opinions that thanks to our customer service centers companies have simplified the procedures and significantly improved the flow of information, because apart from automation our solutions use the artificial intelligence system supported by association memory, “commented Maciej Okniński, President of Unified Factory right after the first statuette was awarded. “This distinction is very important for us, because it confirms that the direction of action we have chosen is right, and most importantly, the market sees real demand for such tools” – adds Okniński.

The company won the second prize in the category of Debut of the Year 2017 with the product “simple and convenient like a favorite smartphone”, : UF Easy. This first mobile service center automatically generates a communication history independent of the channel, which has been available on the Polish market for 10 months and for 2 months on the global markets. Apart from integrated communication, there is a mobile application that allows you to call and receive landline calls, and that is what captivates the jury’s functionalities.


A full list of award winners will be available on the organizer’s website https://ehandelmag.com