Polish brands are becoming more and more interested in African market, as the financial rate of return, as reported by McKinsey, is the highest among developing countries. After the spectacular success of the manufacturing companies – Ursus, Mokate and Inglot – it is time for technology companies such as Unified Factory.

The rapid economic growth recorded in recent years has resulted in the fact that African markets are facing a challenge of servicing the ever-growing number of customers. Dynamically growing trade in goods and services requires the introduction of additional solutions facilitating the complete, omni-channel customer service and sales.

Using the current market situation, Unified Factory has just signed a partnership agreement with African SWIFTA Systems and Services International Ltd. The subject of the agreement is the mediation of sales of solutions of Customer Service Automation platform belonging to Unified Factory S.A. and maintenance/consulting support in the scope of operation/maintenance of modules, allowing for automation of sales and customer service, as well as full integration of customer communication within an integrated omni-channel supported by artificial intelligence.

SWIFTA Systems and Services International Ltd. has been focusing exclusively on the African market for more than 20 years. It specializes in introducing innovative technology solutions to domestic market and in implementations and integrations offered in cloud computing as well. SWIFTA is not only an authorized reseller of Google Apps solutions, but also a partner of global corporations such as Oracle, VERICASH, Talend, MapR and Visa.

The agreement between Unified Factory and SWIFTA was concluded for an indefinite period of time. This is the first agreement concluded on the African continent, which is an important step towards the implementation of strategy of globalizing the sales of Customer Service Automation software and introducing it to other markets.

Currently, Unified Factory provides its services in 15 countries around the world.