Facebook Messenger - modern customer service

In 2017, the number of active Facebook Messenger users exceeded 1.2 billion *. The popular messenger is no longer just about talking to friends. For an increasing number of people, it is also an important platform for contacting companies whose services they use on a daily basis. A modern enterprise simply has to be available and online. Unified Factory Easy gives you this opportunity!


Safe service

Handle all inquiries coming from Facebook Messenger through a convenient and transparent Unified Factory Easy application along with other communication channels. The entire messaging service section in our system was designed in accordance with Facebook’s guidelines and tested by its employees. Thanks to this, we can ensure that in addition to comfort and speed, it also stands out for its security – it does not get permission to access data that it does not need and it does not store passwords.

Integration in 76 seconds

All you have to do is access the administration of the company’s Facebook page, and the integration of your account with the Unified Factory Easy system will take about 76 seconds. After this time, you can go to customer service in an easy and transparent way – through a web browser or a mobile application

Full control

Thanks to the Unified Factory Easy application, you have full control over your company profile. You can designate which employees can support Facebook Messenger, assign its service to an external agency, and even support several company fanpages at the same time! In each of these cases you have full insight into communication with customers and – if necessary – you can take matters into your own hands!

The history of conversations is always at hand!

As with any other integrated communication channels at Unified Factory Easy, each contact using Facebook Messenger is automatically saved in the conversation history in the customer’s profile. Thanks to this, you will not miss any details of the conversation, even when you have to return to it after a long time.

A modern communicator

Communication on Facebook Messenger can be controlled through a modern application Unified Factory Easy. It is fully integrated – in addition to text messages, it also supports emoticons, image files and attachments, so that your reception will be complete and trouble-free. And with only a few clicks you can access the customer’s data and contact history!

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